Finally a change!!

Having being diagnosed just over 12 months ago and pushing for further investigations, I've now had a diagnosis of Underactive Thyroid, Vit B12 deficiency & Vit D deficiency. I am on lifelong medication for all 3.

I decided that I would now look at my diet , as I was still struggling to loose the near 5 stone I've put on. So I took the plunge & did a 7 day complete detox, drinking only juiced fruit & veg and glasses of water ( juices supplied by a local Juice bar). AND..... I lost 6lb !!!! I have now joined slimming world & lost another 2lb last week! This is the first time in years I've actually lost some weight. I've completely cut out all refined sugars, processed food & I limit bread & alcohol. I cook everything from scratch now. And I have to say, I am finally beginning to feel normal again. It may not be the case for everyone, but after a lot of researching, I felt that a diet overhaul was needed, and feeling so rubbish every day, what did I have to lose? It's certainly started working for me :-) fingers crossed it continues to work & eating clean has certainly improved how I feel :-) I also supplement with Berocca boost & fish oil tablet everyday!

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  • Hi Debbie, Well done! I've posted a series of short videos by a functional medicine doctor containing 24 reasons for low thyroid. It would be good to know what threw your thyroid off. Some of these need testing like the antibodies and there are several.

    It could be other hormones like estrogen dominance making progesterone deficient. It could also be an infection somewhere but the most common is either glucose fluctuations or cortisol problems. All of these need investigation and GPs are very reluctant to help us with that. If you want to look at some of these I'll post one and you can check further on youtube.

  • Thanks! Some interesting stuff there πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» x

  • Thanks for reminding me about Dr Clark, Heloise. I really like his vids, but keep forgetting about him. He's definitely one of the best docs out there. Wish I could go see him!

  • I know, and I would also love to see a corrective chiropractor like Dr. John Bergman. He states that they are a nerve doctor not a bone doctor as they are often called. When you think of it, all the nerve impulses down the spinal chord, that's what they work on. He is also very health conscious, anti conventional doctor who only magnifies the kinds of problems seen here every day. I would really love to see him and get my neck curve back. I'm sure that is the source of my low back pain. Hope you are doing okay, Chance!

  • Yes, we share the same tastes in docs! I get Berg's emails when lots of others have been unsubscribed because he always does a good video. Plus he doesn't witter on, trying to sell you stuff. I always think it shows a good generosity of spirit, that they actually are keen to share their info and it isn't all about selling.

    Oh wait, I think I'm talking about someone different! Is mine Eric Berg? Damn - I've confused myself now. Hah, maybe we're not that alike! I need to go and check out this John Bergman now. He might be one I've missed. Any good vids or articles you would recommend?

    But you're right, I do always wonder if they might be able to help me because they specialise in neurology, but they do it from a totally different angle from British MDs. Bizarrely, I had a dream the other night that I needed to go and see an osteopath and that if they fixed my neck I'd be fine. It seemed really important. I woke up half-convinced it was trying to tell me something! SO every time I see one of these US chiropractors I find I get a little twist of excitement, wondering if I'm going to learn something that will provide a key for me. That is really sad; anyone would think I was ten!

  • Hands off I found him first! he's lovely & cuddly ;)

  • Good for you, Jane. I heard about him from Pettals but don't know if it 3 1/2 months ago or 2 1/2 months ago. lol, maybe you WERE first. I think he's great because I had already been indoctrinated into the alternative paradigm through another doctor who practiced conventional medicine for 35 years and knew what was happening was corrupt and poisonous for us.

  • Yes & yes! lol!

    Credit where credit's due it was PoppyRose posted here - my daughter sent me a link to him a while back & everything made sense - but I baggsy him first :D

    Dr Osborne's another one with clear explanations - I was not aware that Chiropractors were so knowledgeable (I thought they just 'cracked' bones) - until I joined a TOS forum (2007 I think) - the misdiagnosis of various conditions seems pretty universal, unfortunately. J x

  • Too cuddly for me - I like 'em lean and keen! But he is an interesting speaker, with a good sense of humour, which always helps to make learning stuff a whole lot easier.

  • As Bergman would ask Yes or Yes? He has so many videos (hundreds) but all the ones on thyroid and adrenal are good but the one on the nervous system or neuropathy were eye opening. The neck is really important and he even attributes Parkinsons and Bi Polar to the loss of the neck curve. I've been working hard trying to get it back with a few exercises he shows you on the videos.

    I had a dream last night about Regis Philbin and was so thrilled that I had had a dream, it didn't matter that he was a tv star and used to have a game show:)

    Jane cites two good ones above and here is the one on neuropathy. Should I look up Eric Berg?

  • Yeah, they say that trigeminal neuralgia is caused by a nerve in the brain being compressed by a vein. If that's possible, just imagine the kind of nerve pain or damage out-of-joint bones and cartilage could do. Strikes me that chiropractoring and osteopathy aren't really that far-fetched. I'm not sure why doctors are so sneering about them, other than the usual ego issues.

    I've had a look at the vid/s (Spare Rib's recs too). I have seen one or two of them, but not the others, so all interesting - thank you. For some reason, I hadn't taken his name in before.

    And yes, you should definitely check out Eric Berg's videos. They're short and sweet but very concise and straightforward. He doesn't get bogged down in fifty reasons for everything, which I find easier to deal with. His site does have quite a strong selling push to it, but the vids are free of that, so well worth a watch.

  • I've done the same and its paid dividends. My belief is due to our low stomach acid we don't absorb nutrients well so we need to be uber strict with our intake. I fell off the wagon on Saturday and ate some pizza and beer (I normally have a gluten free regime). I looked 5 months pregnant on Sunday and was in agony. That'll teach me. And that's my point. You can't cheat. Ever. Or you'll feel crap. Full stop. but hey, you'll look and feel great for it so who gives a damn. X

  • Well done too 😊 I've read a lot about how food affects the body, and as the Doctors are pretty useless, I went and spoke to a nutritionist, who gave me some good advice. There are foods that should only be eaten in a certain way with a Thyroid condition, so I'm trying to incorporate that as well!! It's not easy, but for me, it's working! I'm not Gluten free (only because it seemed toooooooo strict lol!!) but I am restricting bread etc. I've cut out refined sugar all together, caffeine & all processed foods, and so far so good!! 😊😊

  • Couldn't do without a half hundred weight of coffee in the morning!

  • Lol!! Sure 1 bucket won't do too much harm 😝 I just cut it out, as I need to put sugar in coffee πŸ˜‰

  • Well after now 3 nights of no sleep (I've been asked by endo to reduce my dose of armour) I will be bathing in coffee today! πŸ˜…

  • Oh no!!!!! Good luck!!! 😊

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