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my doctor has listened...... well sort of !

I was diagnosed in Feb 09 and started on 100 mcgs of thyroxine.. which has increased and decreased according to my blood test. My last blood test was in August and I received a letter telling me to decrease from 150 to 100. Since then I have felt so so exhausted, achy, weepy, blood blisters in my mouth etc etc.

Today i went to see my doctor again to ask if I could see a specialist. It was a new doctor who actually listened to me. I gave him a list of 17 symptoms which I am feeling on a constant daily basis. I told him that when I was first diagnosed I was informed that I was hypo and take these tablets ( I'm sure most of you have been in the same position) nothing was explained. Today I was told I probably had Auto-immune hypothyroidism... but he would check with more blood tests and he would also check my blood sugar levels. I asked him for my last results and he printed out ALL my results from every blood test since I was diagnosed.

My last result (which is when meds were reduced to 100 mcgs) in August were :

TSH 0.04

T4 21.8

T3 4.5

I now have another blood test tomorrow morning.........

I know I didn't get referred like I wanted to be but at least he listened.

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Well you're not converting the t4 to t3 very well, with high t4 you'd expect the t3 to be high too. It's hard to be exact without the ranges though.

What are you taking to help you convert the t4 to t3?

Why don't you take t3 instead of so much t4? (I get mine on the NHS from the doc)

If you keep building up that stash of unused t4 you'll probably end up with joint pains and high reverse t3, which will render any t3 you do take as ineffective. DONT take your meds for 24 hours before your test.



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