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Finally got diagnosis and medical exemption. Been asked to find a new gp surgery due to address :(


Sorry just need a rant. I pissed off both gp receptionist last Thursday because I couldn't get an appointment after getting through 3 mins after opening time. They said no to a phone consultation but after 3 phone calls agreed to passing on my medichecks blood results. I later got a phone call to say my dose had been increased. No question of how I was feeling or any contact from a gp. The receptionist asked why I have my bloods private because it would be so much easier to have them done there and seemed pissed off with my reasons, probably because it's extra work for her to scan them on. (I'd already had this discussion with the gp and she said its OK)

So I went to collect my prescription and asked if I was now diagnosed and should have a medical exemption. It was a 2ND receptionist and she said there was nothing on my notes but probably not because I've got to recheck in 8 weeks and normally it would be a year. I explained to her that any dose increase would need to recheck in 8 weeks regardless of diagnosis so I asked her to leave another message for the gp to confirm diagnosis as the first lot of tabs were supposed to be a trial. She said she she knows what she'll say and that's to come in. I told her I didn't want to waste an appointment for a yes or no question so asked again and got the same response but said she'd leave the message.

Anyway whilst there I changed my address cause I've moved half a mile down the road. I'm literally on the border and have the same area code for phone number but a different postcode.

So I rang today and she read the notes and said to go in to fill in medical exemption form. She then asked to confirm address which I did and happy as Larry like it was nothing she told me well your out of our catchment area so you'll have to find a new gp in your area.

I currently live 3 miles from this gp. My nearest gp in the new area is 6 miles away and I really don't think it's fair that I should have to move further away.

I contacted nhs England and they said they can remove me if I'm out of their catchment area because it doesn't go off distance.

I asked the receptionist if I could just give my mum and dads address and she said no it has to be my permanent address. So I told her it wasn't permanent and it's my boyfriends address but I'm still registered for council tax etc at my parents and she said she discuss my registration with the practice manager.

Starting to feel like she's targeting me because I've caused her some extra work.

On top of that the nhs England advisor said because I'm 6 miles away from the ones on my area there's no guarantee I will be on their catchment either! It's a joke and stress I don't need.

Sorry needed to get that off my chest 😬

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"The receptionist asked why I have my bloods private "

Sounds to me that your rant is justified. Surely it is not the receptionist job to comment on your medical decisions. I object to receptionist asking why you want an appointment.


Thanks. That's what I thought. Or the second receptionist to tell me she knows what the gp will say! None of their business.

But to be honest on Thursday I would have appreciated a little triaging. I started to call at 07:58. They opened at 08:00. I got through at 08:03 and all appointments had gone. They only offer appointments on the day and don't do phone consultations. The only reason I want to stay is the GP being willing to treat me from private tests. X


Having to keep pressing redial for an appointment is a pain. I live near my surgery, so I've found it's best to go there and queue up outside until they open.


The address thing happened to my Dad. It turned out that it was the receptionist who was being the stickler for the rules, because when he finally made contact with the doctor himself, the doctor over-rode the receptionist's decision. So it might be worth asking to speak to the doctor directly (via the doctor's private secretary). Can't promise it'll work - but it did for my Dad.


Thanks, yea I've just got back. I purposely waited till she wouldn't be there. Spoke to the other receptionist and she said "yea but they say now you can register with any gp say if its closer to work and where she used to work (my old gp) take all patients from my new area no question, its just her she's been there donkeys years stuck in the dark ages and very black and white with the rules". But to avoid any issues with her in future she's changed my address to my parents. Clearly just a jobs worth implementing her own rules... x


God it's scary how little common sense they've got yet their being allowed to triage!

She said it would be easier if I had them done there. Which I assume is because she then wouldn't have to scan them on.

I told her it was easier for me and they wouldn't test t4 and t3 on the nhs and she pulled a face like she didn't believe me.x


The truth is I'm living with my fiance in my own house but never mind. I'll just say I'm living with my parents until she retires lol.

They said to ring the closest 3 in my area but it was unlikely I'd be in their catchment either sue to being 6 miles away. They said if none of them would take me then they'd help me but I don't know what she meant by that. Either finding me another surgery that would or making them keep me. Hopefully she's not too far off retirement haha x


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