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Blood Test Results

I have been reading Dr Peatfield's book and on Monday asked the receptionist at my GPs for all my blood tests results from when I joined the surgery last November. She seemed a bit surprised and asked why and I said I just wanted them. Later that evening she phoned to say the Practice Manager had to do them and they wouldn't be ready for a couple of days. Again she questioned why I wanted them. Today I went to pick them up, only to find that they had only printed out the last blood test results I had taken. I phoned and queried it and again they said, they weren't sure why I wanted them. I said that it was my right to have them and she agreed and said perhaps I could have just the set of tests before the last ones. I said, no I wanted all of them. She again said she would speak to the practice manager. This evening she phoned again and said she would have to ask the Dr on Monday and I asked what the problem was and offered to come in and write them down if it was too time consuming. She again said, they weren't sure why I wanted them. To which I responded, I wasn't sure, why they were so unwilling to give them.

So now I have to wait for the Dr and having already fallen out with her for telling me I am depressed and that of course the tyroxine is working, I am somewhat anxious. Does anyone know why the surgery is so unwilling to release my results. I am worried I am going to be classed as a troublemaker!

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tell them that your herbilist dr,chiroprator,naturopath osteopath,reflexologist any one! has asked to see them so they can see your history..l find it is soo much easier to say that as you are feeling soo poorly or like ...t! that you have deciided to try alternative routes to try and improve your cant carry on like this ..YOUR CHOICE...they might think you are going to complain or something so are being VERY defensive...

l was actually diagnosed by a herbilist who said go to your dr and ask for these tests( all the norm ) and tell him your blood preasure and temp are well below ,abnormally low...

be patent with the practice ..they probably not used to informed and people questioning there might need them!

give them a reason ..all be it a different one from the the works !

wishing you good luck


Some surgeries are awful at this! My last one wanted to charge for a print out! You ARE allowed your results. If they query, say "because I want to be informed about my health, which I am sure any good doctor would agree with. Is there a problem? The Data protection Act agrees with me!" and ask again. I am afraid that being a troublemaker is the way to go for this complaint. I have been through 10 GP's in the last 4 years! 2 have been great. Get stubborn, and don't give up. I was also told I was depressed. Rubbish. it's a SYMPTOM!


You have the right to see your records - NHS link below :)

I had to lie & say my osteopath wanted my Thyroid function test results - it was me!


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