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Thyroid blood test results can anyone understand them please?

Thyroid blood test results can anyone understand them please?

Hi can someone please understand these test results please?

I ordered all the necessary blood tests as advised on here,as i've only ever had the basic tests.The locum asked and wrote on the form for them,but the lab didn't do them.After feeling really ill(I always feel ill,but worse now)the last few weeks,i came on this forum because i thought it was my levo making me worse and i asked if anyone else felt the same.After some very useful info i asked for the tests stated,i had the bloods taken on Friday and i had the results back Monday morning.The dr increased my dosage from 50mg daily to 75mg.

I have felt really bad ie,legs feel like lead and aching all over(more than normal)no energy and not sleeping well.

I am now going to order private blood tests.

I was advised to post these on here,so please,anyone in the meantime,any ideas what these mean?


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Your TSH needs to be 1 or below .You were undermedicated and may still be after the increase .You should have anothe test in 6-8 weeks.But you really need to know Free T3 Which is the active hormone all cells need.

Your B12 should be nearer the max of the range. You should supplement with methylcobalamin.


Thank you Treepie for your response,very interesting.I was on 25mg for 8 weeks then,50mg for the last 12 months.I've had several tests durring this time because i felt like i had more symptoms,but my bloods kept coming back normal.I requested another test because i've never felt so ill in all my life,but they aren't interested,i think they see me as a nuisance.I will definately get the supplement you recommended.May i ask what dosage?As sometimes,the recommendations on the product aren't suffice.


The fact that almost all of us (maybe all) feel better when TSH is around 1 or even below range should be enough evidence to convince the medical community that their current TSH normal ranges are not correct. You may fall into the normal range but that doesn't mean much. You are undermedicated.


Thank you teenarocks,what dose would someone expect to be on,given my results?


There is no normal dose. Everyone is different. Your dose should be increased slowly until you feel well. I note in your previous post you said you felt worse after starting levo. You may need a different brand. Since you were diagnosed last year I'm assuming you have been on 50 mcg for a year and feeling poorly the whole time. This was way too long to stay on that low dose. It should have been increased at least every three months. Your TSH is actually over the range so I don't understand why they kept you at that dose. Also I don't see a FT3 test result which is necessary. I'm assuming you are in UK and they probably don't test T3 because they do not want to prescribe it. Your private blood test results may shed some more light on everything. When you get them, post them here. Hang in there. It's a rough journey but it's a journey we're all taking together.


Not sure about dosage ,have a look at Seaside Susies posts for advice.But make sure it is methylcobalamin not the cheaper forms. I take pills but some reckon a sublingual spray is better.Some also say you need to be over 500 to avoid neurological damage .

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I've just found an old test result from Nov 2016 where they still only did basic results were TSH 8.32 FREE T4 10.9 this is where they put my dose up from 25 to 50 and i've been on that ever since.I did feel worse after starting Levo,but last few weeks have felt really poorly.The locum dr did request FT3 along with the antibodies but the lab chose to completely dismiss them.I'm just in the process of ordering the private test with Medicheck that i found out about on here.I'm fed up of feeling so ill and not getting any help.Yes i'm in the UK.Thank goodness for this group.Thank you for your time.


Has anyone bothered to test




Vit d3

Because unless all are at least halfway in thier ranges your bidy cannot utilise levothyroxine


hi yes i was tested for ferratin folate and b12.Here are the results vit b12 = 402 pg/ml

folate 11.8 ng/ml and ferratin 164 ng/ml


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