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How long is it safe to stay on drugs for over active thyroid?

Over Active Thyroid. Propylthiouracil 300mg per day, Propranolol 30mg per day. I have been on these drugs for almost 3 years, and have told by my GP that I can't stay on them indefinitly and has put me forward to have my thyroid removed. My last test results were:- FT4 21 (guide 12-27), FT3 8.8 (guide 2.7-6.6) and TSH less than 0.01 (don't know the guide level for this one.

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I am overactive, but now bordering underactive... I was on Propanalol but taking Carbimazole 20mg, this took effect after about 10 weeks and i feel so much better...I dont take the propanalol now... I have multinodular goiter..... But still a way to go to get stabilised...ask for a referal to a consultant if you havent already xx


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