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a small victory

Hi guys. I have had a meeting with my GP yesterday to discuss him reconsidering my referral to an endo. At first he didn't want to refer me because he said they (the surgery) had not had sufficient chance to manage my condition themselves. He then asked me how I was doing on my new dosage (125mcg one day and 150mcg the next). When I explained to him that I had taken doses like this on a previous occassion (3 years ago) with the same results (earache, headaches, brain fog etc etc etc) he then turned to my private blood test results. They show that my ratio of T4 to T3 is not right and that I have too much Reverse T3. When I explained to him about Wilsons Syndrome (abnormal conversion of T4 into T3 in the tissues) he was more than happy to refer me to a specific endo in Sunderland (who I asked for).

I am not going to dwell on the fact its cost me nearly £200 for tests or taken some persuasion to actually get to this point, I am just going to think positive that I can now get to see someone who might look at my condition a little more in-depth and with a little more understanding.

I have also received the results of my Adrenal Stress Profile (unfortunately too late for the meeting!). They show that I am also suffering from Adrenal Fatigue. I won't go into detail but my daily Cortisol level is supposed to be between 21-41nmol/L and was actually 9nmol/L which even a blind man can see is very low!

Knowing the NHS it will probably take some time to get my appointment through but I will let you know the outcome.

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Well done! Be really interesting to hear what the Endo says about reverse T3 and low cortisol... keep us posted



well done... what tests did you have done to get the reverse T3? how do they work out the ratio between T4 & T3?




I had a full thyroid profile done which included TSH, total T4, free T4, free T3, thytoid anti-bodies and I paid seperately to have the reverse T3 included.

The ratio of T4 to T3 is the free T4 devided by free T3. The reference range for the result is between 3.0-5.0 (may vary between labs). Mine was 2.19.

I did those tests because no matter what the blood tests said that my GP did I never felt that things were balanced properly. After reading up quite a bit over the last few years (thanks to thyroid uk and a couple of books they recommended) I felt this could be something to do with my body not using/converting T3 properly.


oki thank you for the clarification.... so having a ration of 4.04 is ok???


Not necessarily. Each lab may have different ranges for their tests. Also the ratio only shows that you have the recommended amounts of T4 and T3 in your blood. As we know everyone is different so what is right for you may not be right for me! This does not also show if your tissues are using the T4 and T3 present! There are so many things to look at with regards to thyroid function and thats without getting started on the link with adrenal function! I have given myself numerous headaches trying to understand how it all works :-(

I think that is why a good GP or endo is worth their weight in gold to a thyroid sufferer and I'm going to keep going til I get one!


Hi i too have adrenal problems my cortisol level is low and i also have swelling on my left adrenal gland which the endos now think is a begnin tumour after years of trying to convince them that something else was going on with me other than hypothyroid and b12 deficient im getting all sorts of blood tests and scans done but i have found myself being cheeky and demanding that these tests be done to the point nearly got myself struck off but you know when there is something wrong with you and now get took more seriously now that tests showing that things not right x


Glad to hear you are finally getting things sorted anyway. Although I have had a lot of difficulties with Dr's I do have some degree of sympathy with them. Some of the people they have to deal with would test the patience of a saint and they do get a lot of crap (if you don't already watch the hospital on channel 4 or 5 monday). It's just a pity that people like us who want to help ourselves aren't given more help and support to enable us to do so.


hi gym guy are you still able to work and go to the gym haha ?


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