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NHS endo who believed me & listened - at last!


Hi everyone, just had an appointment with an NHS endo in my area (North East of Scotland) who actually listened to me, discussed symptoms with me, agreed that T4 is not necessarily the treatment for everybody, that TSH test results are not necessarily the best way in which to diagnose or treat hypothyroidism, that adrenal fatigue does exist and that T3 is an alternative option for some people. However, she did say that there is not enough research into the effects of adrenal supplements and NDT. She also said that appropriate levels of vitamins and minerals play an important role in ensuring overall well being in people who have Hashimoto's. More importantly she stated that there does need to be a meeting of minds in terms of the two camps who have differing views on investigating, diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disorders. I am delighted to say that after struggling for over 11 years on T4 only and adrenal issues she is willing to prescribe T3 and closely monitor how I get on. If anyone wants to know who I saw PM me and I will pass on the details :-) Onwards & upwards!

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Me please! Need to add her to our list! :-)






It is such a relief to get an Endo who listens to you and is willing to try an alternative.

I wish you success and it is good news for you.

Best wishes


Great:) it's nice to hear :) you are very lucky t3cam !

E xx

I would like her details please!!! Could I be Nosey and ask please, what is your story in terms of hypo?

Many thanks


Hi t3cam! Wow, how lucky are you? I would certainly like this endo's details too.

Thanks for informing us.

Jen x

That's excellent! Unfortunately for me after years of fighting I have just left NE Scotland for pastures new but please let me know the details, I might have to move back sharpish!

Can I too have name? Thanks. G.

if this proves only one thing it's that this site can pass on good news as well as bad and both can and do help so many others ....all power to you [and your endo/gp ] -----don't ever forget to pass the 'brownie points' on whenever and wherever you can====it really does work====as well as the size 12's up the rear end===i'm so glad you've eventually found a 'GOOD' one....keep up the good work

Great news. Hope you do well on the t3 I have and am feeling much much better after 18 months......:)

Wow --- is this really happening for you? clearly. Is it though for real or, do you think it may have something to do with the recent Scottish Parliament debate on Effective Thyroid & Adrenal Care? Hope very much it is real , and Oh Boy do we need many more just like her. Lucky you. Am very pleased for you.

Hopefully, this means the tide might be turning at last. Wonder if the change to CCG's might make a difference? Your Endo sounds good - hang on to her!

Yes I would like to know please, even though I live hundreds of miles away from you. Sounds daft but, perhaps as she has such beliefs, she might be willing to voice them publicly. There is another hope. Thank you.

Please could I have her name but do I have to get refered by my docter.I live in west lothian which is not too far away from you.I went in the week to talk about to my docter about getting adrenal checked and she said i not needed as my test results are fine.she said they only go by the t.s.h which mine was up high in january this year.checked again and it was known at normal.when it was high it was 4.87, then two months after it is 3.67 which is what our local hospital ranges sit at.she didn"t want to refer me.I have been on antidepressants for a few years now and I did have continuous colds but this year having multivitimins which I think has stopped me having one cold.I have urge incontinence which treated for.I often feel tired especially after a good nights sleep.

Lucky you to get somewhere.Hope something comes from the scottish goverment petition

I too live in Scotland and have been prescribed T3 by my consultant

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Name by email please - if you haven't already - I am losing track! :-)




Hello I am in the same boat as yourself. Desperately need help after 18 years on T4 only. Would appreciate your help. Many thanks Diane

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