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Underactive thyroid for 20 years and still feel unwell...update!

My boyfriend has finally managed to get his TSH numbers off his doctors (crikey they don't like you to have that information do they?!)

His TSH is 4.4 (with a range of 0.3 - 5.3).

He is taking 50mg of thyroxin per day. (as well as 4 microgram of Cardestan which has now been increased to 8mg) for his blod pressure.

Andy's TSH was last checked in October 2009 when his TSH was 5.2 (same range).

His free T4 was then 12.4 (range of 11.5 - 22.7)

His doctor says his T3 hasn't been checked in a few years, in fact he can't find any record of it ever being checked.

The GP were really NOT happy about him speaking to websites about his underactive thyroid, and maintain many of his symptoms could be caused by other things. The GP did soften a little when he pointed out there are also doctors registered with this site, but this is the first time Andy has EVER been given these TSH numbers so that's encouraging, even if we have no idea what they mean?!

Thanks for all your help!

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Hi, No, docs sometimes don't like you to have the medical notes! However, the Coalition Government want to make it easier for patients to have control of their own medical notes so here's hoping things improve!

Dr Toft feels that patients should be looking to be right at the bottom of the TSH range, so there is room for improvement. Contact me on and ask for the Pulse article - Pulse article is the main doctor's magazine so his doc may take notice of the contents of the article and try him on a higher dosage.


I have added my comments to your original post here:


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