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New English version of the % Calculator for Thyroid Results

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I asked my husband to look up the DNS for the old Polish calculator that has disappeared and he said it looks like it's lapsed and not been renewed so the web page has gone.

So he's put together a replacement for everyone. It's not fancy (he's a tech wizard but not a designer, he has others to do that for him), but it does the job and will stay live as long as we need it.

Let me know if you think anything is missing or if anything unexpected happens when you use it.

Is it possible to pin it to this forum so people can easily find it?

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Excellent. Many thanks FP's hubby 😊

Brilliant! Kudos to your husband. :)


Really clear & usable. The result pops up when line for calculation complete and also really great to have a copy facility too.

It's fast because the calculation is "client side" rather than "server side". ie the calculation takes place on the web page. It doesn't need to go back to the server to fetch a new page.

good find . in English too :)

SlowDragon .. i've been meaning to point out that all your links to the polish one no longer work .. or at least they don't for me.

I didn't find it. I told him the one we relied on had broken. He looked and said the DNS had not been renewed (ie the page owner has not paid the bills) and the page has gone. It's what happens to old web pages if people stop paying for the web server services. So he wrote us a new one and it's hosted on one of his servers, which he has for work as well as his own fun stuff.

isn't dopiaza a sort of curry ?

It means "two onions" or twice cooked onions and is indeed the name of a curry. My husband adores curry, cooking it and eating it. Dopiaza has been his online user name for many years.

silly me FancyPants, i didn't read your post properly. What a top hubby , thank him muchly for me.

Can we 'pin' him up too ?,

"curry making computer fixer" at the click of a button sound like a brilliant resource.

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It's been pinned FP54, will possibly drop down the list at some time in the future but clicking on "See all" will find it.

Good idea. It was always a scrabble to remember where the Polish one was filed in my bookmarks.

He's a really good chef. I'm very lucky.

A great resource thank you. Maybe he could also share his favourite curry recipe with us!? 😋

Any recipes to share?

My hubby loves dopiaza but all I can make are onion bhajis and green lentil Dahl at present (gluten-free of course) 😉

I've got one of those too FancyPants54, but he is not to hot on the IT side though! Thank your hubby.

Excellent! Thanks FancyPants54

Ooh, nice! Thank you. :)

Many thanks, just what I needed

That's really great, thank you. But, I did post a new link for the Polish calculator the other day:


which works perfectly well. So, now we have the choice. :)

I didn't see that. They have moved it to a different DNS server then. Never mind. It's nice to have an English version.

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That’s absolutely brilliant…..Thank you so much

I was only thinking we should have something like this available via Thyroid U.K. website

It's very simple. Just 1 line of code for the actual calculations. It's the layout, accessibility to all browsers and devices etc. that takes a bit of effort. It kept him amused last evening.

HiI just tried this out. The copy button is great and it's lovely and clear to use. Thanks to hubby! Tech savvy and a good cook! What more do you need? 😉

I'll let you into a secret. His downside is he's really untidy! But I can deal with that. I love his cooking. He's busy making something Thai right now.


Please tell your husband thank you, it’s excellent & I’m already loving the copy feature. 😊

Tell hubby a big thank you!

What a lovely hubby! Please thank him. The Polish calculator is still online and functioning, but it’s great to have an English version.

It got moved. (Polish version)

Weird, I used the ThyroidUK link and got straight to it., I prefer your hubby’s version. The copy function is really helpful.

Well the DNS server was shutdown when my husband looked at it. Someone must have paid the bill and put it back up. But having an English version is good anyway. Plus the copy feature saves a bit of time.

Well done FP & hubby. Thank you

Wow, that’s brilliant. Many thanks to your husband and you for posting it x

Thank you and Hubby so much! It’s brilliant

Thank you Mr FancyPants54 😊

Hi do you have to have Ft 3 and 4 results for the table to work? My Gp only does t4 and tsh. Thanks

No, you can do any single result. Just enter what you have.

Thank you so much, I have already used it, and it's easy. Many thanks to hubby, and yourself for posting.

Thank your hubby very much, much appreciated.

Thank you and hubby so much for this. You are so lucky, my husband is extremely untidy, doesn’t cook and is less tech savvy than me 😱

Thanks to your Hubby … excellent!

That looks very good, though I haven't put my results in yet. I wanted to keep the link, which I don't think is possible over time, so I tried putting it in the browser and it doesn't work. Suppose I'll have to put my scores in before tomorrow! Thanks very much for finding it.

I'm sorry. I don't understand what you mean. You click on the link I gave you and then bookmark the page in your web browser. It has also been pinned to the forum page. But a bookmark on your computer will do the job for many years.

Oh, thank you. I'll do that!

Thank you so much. I’ve added it to my home screen.

Amazing X thanks

Well done! Very useful!

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