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Informative manual - treating adrenal exhaustion (arguably the precursor of thyroid issues for many of us)

Hi all. This for information - but not to offer advice. Please apply your own judgement before taking anything on board.

I've posted recently on research i've found (my thyroid replacement is working well, but think i have residual adrenal issues and have a definite blood pressure and fatigue problems) regarding foetally (in the womb) programmed exaggerated stress responses - which may apply to my own situation.

As it's become clear that chronic stress is a more general problem caused also by lifestyle, work, traumatic events, diet, illness, relationships etc etc it's morphed to address the more general topic of chronic stress/chronically high cortisol levels and adrenal exhaustion.

Quite apart from bringing on chronic fatigue and adrenal exhaustion it seems to if not resolved pretty rapidly lead to thyroid issues by messing up gut function, and triggering auto immune attack (likely on the thyroid) and nutritional deficiences. So that with both conditions piled together we end up with the typical mix of adrenal, thyroid, gut and immune issues and symptoms - plus heaven knows what else they lead to.

The manual (don't worry about the vague sounding title - it's pretty specific) is titled 'Mastering Your Life', and is available here: . It was written by the recently deceased Dr. Gerald F. Poesnecker of the Clymer Healing Centre in the US.

I don't know a lot about him or the centre (there's a young doctor that has taken over from him) except for some positive web references to the manual and indications that the approach is fairly widely used by US holistic practitioners, but having just read the manual it seems to my non expert eyes both cheap and a highly informative.

Please comment if you have experience or views.

It sets out he says principles developed since the 70s while treating patients with chronic fatigue/adrenal exhaustion/exaggerated stress responses. He seems for what seem to have been altruistic reasons to have chosen to set out what might by many be regarded as the 'trade' secrets.

He outlines use of the saliva based adrenal stress profile and DHEA test (as offered in the UK by Genova for Thyroid UK patients) to determine what stage the condition is at, and consequently what treatments are required - very much a functional medicine/systems approach. The treatments (which vary depending on the stage of the condition - and require good judgement to sort out) mix differing combinations of Seriphos (an adaptogen that temporaily blocks the action of cortisol), DHEA, ACE, plus adrenal, immune and nutritional supports.

He's very clear also on the need to manage lifestyle to enable healing, and comprehensively sets out what he means by this - so it's a highly holistic approach.

I've concluded it's worth taking further, and have just returned an adrenal stress test to Genova. Here's hoping it'll point up some directions to follow as it'd really be great to get off popping blood presure pills like smarties and to get my stamina back after all these years....


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PS the link to the manual isn't working. Entering 'Mastering Your Life' into the search box on the Clymer site should also bring it up...


After hunting about on the site you gave I finally found this purchase link

-but no info on book.

Google doesn't bring up much either.


The URL in the original post looked wrong. Nothing at the end (usually htm or html). So am trying to post this to see if it a function of the site or a typo:



That's what's on the site Tegz.

Here are the chapter headings, but after that it's down to hoping for the best:

What Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. (what it is, causes)

Intro. (background to the book)

What is Meant by Mastering Your Life? (the need for a holistic appraoch that balances capability with commitment)

The Basic Considerations of Remedy Treatment. (7 stages of development of adrenal fatigue, and treatment appraoch at each stage)

The Basic Considerations of Passive Treatment (supporting therapies the centre offers)

Removing all Physical & Infective Stress. (tests, triggers, evaluations)

Removing Emotional Stresses: Mastering Your Life

Appendices. (sample graphs, charts, FAQ and additional info)



Ta Rod. I cut and pasted the link, but must have clipped off the last bit...

The post is 50/50 to communicate some info which may or may not prove reliable/to seek feedback.

Time will tell how effective the approach may/may not be - at this stage it's for me mostly about gut feeling/having a flutter/following up a lead.

It caught my eye because it appraoched the adrenal deal in more comprehensive terms than i had seen before. i.e. it's got to be sorted out before doing much on the thyroid (which we mostly know already), but it seems to offer possibilities that go beyond just popping some adrenal support - especially for those of us who have fairly long term had issues.

If it proves to hold water it (in my case anyway) fleshes out another dimension/perspective to the sort of problems that many of us are struggling with....



Another PS. Going back through stored bookmarks this came up - i think it was posted before:

It's a much more detailed description than the above of the stages as adrenal fatigue progresses - and is far more explicit regarding the late stages when multiple body systems are disrupted/start to close down/the patent becomes very seriously ill.

Scary actually.

It doesn't address treatment options per se.



Did anyone ever purchase this book in the uk??

As postage is v expensive and I can't seem to find it anywhere else.


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