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Q 10 and the stronger version of it for absorption?

Hi all

Any information, thoughts on this please?

I've long believed that q10 and think it's u biq ( for the older age group) is beneficial to help absorption into the cells as they age

If this is the case, is this a way forward also?. In simple terms is absorption the problem with the whole system, i read somewhere also that if ft3 not absorbed around body it brings tsh back up, which in my simple thinking can see this ?.......

Is it more about absorption than a diseased gland? I'm in more natural mode today after all disease is dis-ease for one reason or another

The keniesiologist I've seen has tested i have a leaky gut as wheat Sensitive (not intolerant) so I am cutting it out and as much gluten as I can and taking sustain powder from Nutri to heal the gut, it's testing better than it was - he said also why waste my money taking supplements that I'm unable to absorb, I was tested on vit d and multi by him but wasn't absorbing through gut, so need lots of 🌞 The only one interestingly that I was absorbing ok is the b complex for nervous system


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Ubiquinol. It not just for us oldies, but for everyone that has trouble absorbing Q10.

But, I've never heard that Q10 helps absorb thyroid hormones - I think that's what you were saying, isn't it? Q10 is found in all cells and produces energy.

I don't see how T3 that isn't absorbed can raise the TSH. The TSH rises when there's too little T3 in the blood, not when there's too much. And it doesn't matter how well you absorb the hormone into the cells, if your gland is sick and can't make enough, you're going to be hypo, aren't you. No, sorry, I don't think Q10 is a way forward, at all.

And, no-one absorbs much from a multi-vit, because the ingredients cancel each other out. They're just a huge money-making scam for the worried well! :)


Thanks so much for the info, I needed to know this but made me realise that I must have a distorted view of how the t3 is actually taken up by cells? Am I barking up wrong tree?

I thought on a basic level that if t3 needs absorbing into cells then q10 is reported to aid this?

Any thoughts please welcome-


So does q10 support energy already in the cell or does it help absorption into the cell, I suppose this is what I was thinking


Q10 is the energy in the cell. I don't think it aids the absorption of anything. I could be wrong on that, but I've never heard that idea before.


Il have a google 😊


Yes quite right sorry it is naturally in cells and diminishes after 30

- says it's especially good to take if on statins !!!


As I understand it I think it is used to release energy in the cells,hence the use of it for fatigue! I refused to take statins after reading their effects but I have read that it is recommended if you do.


I think I may take it anyway then, unsure which one, A separate issue but probably helpful

Thanks everyone

This is a funny dis-ease for sure, I e had days and days of fatigue, foggy head, anxiety the highest I've ever experienced, and then yesterday and today are just amazing, clear thinking, good energy, doing jobs, and I'm not medicated yet, strange!!! Xx


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