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Email Notifications - are you switched off when you'd rather be switched on?

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It's easily done. You come to the forum, write a post, hang around for a while and then wander off to get on with other things in your life.

Sometimes, members may reply to your post a while after you've gone off forum.

If you've asked a question or for help, someone might send you sensitive information by private message.

But maybe you don't come back to the forum for a while, so you don't see that little red Alert Bell, or the Yellow blob next to the Chat paper aeroplane.

If you have email alerts switched on in your profile though, you should receive an email to tell you that someone replied. Or that someone sent you a private message.

Please take a moment to pop back on forum to acknowledge their contribution. It only takes a few moments to click a 'Like' button, or type the word Thanks and hit send.

Not getting those emails? Check your Profile settings!

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I'm happy now. Thanks for listening.


This was a bit of a revelation! I'm now fully 'clicked'!! Thanks RedApple.

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