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Thyroid UK Telephone Helpline - Last Poll

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Thyroid UK want to run a helpline.

The helpline would be run by an outside organisation but the people on the telephones would be trained by Thyroid UK in various aspects of thyroid diagnosis and treatment including the treatment of liothyronine and NDT.

The people on the telephones are already well trained in support work and are very understanding.

We will still continue to run the HealthUnlocked community but we know that some people really need to speak to someone rather than joining a community. Thyroid UK receives a lot of calls and I often speak to people because they really need this kind of support although due to a heavy workload, it can take a long time for me to return the calls.

This is why we want to run a helpline.

If there are questions that can't be answered, they will be referred back to us and we can then speak to the person concerned or we can contact our advisers.

I hope that this has answered some of your concerns.

The last poll of the series is now ready:

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Fantastic, thank-you Lyn

Sounds brilliant. Well done and thank you.

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