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Feeling very cold and ill.

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I've been aware recently, especially since it's been quite cold, that I go very cold as well, (in ear 35) cold and feeling really ill. Today I have had to resort to 4 thermal layers, hiking socks, turn the CH up and light a fire, and it took all morning, it's now 2pm, to get comfortable and start feeling better.

Is this part of the failed temperature control system............mine not the house?

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Hello Reelingenious :

In short - yes :

The thyroid is major gland and when optimally medicated you should find this " coldness " improve :

Your thyroid manages your metabolism, your inner central heating system, along with full body synchronisation including your mental, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing.

I'm currently with 2 thermals and a big fleece - and a " cr p " central heating system :

My feet aren't the "ice blocks " they used to be so onwards and upwards :

I'm with Graves post RAI thyroid ablation in 2005 and now manage lingering Graves, thyroid eye disease and hypothyroidism and self medicating with full thyroid hormone replacement.

Thanks for that. Isn't it interesting this slow dropping of pennies. Mornings are always the worst, but have never really associated that with my core temperature! Certainly that's another dot my GP has failed to join up. It may also go some way to explain why I feel marginally better later in the day. Is that something to do with the morning, basal temperature, I read about here.

My temp seldom reaches the dizzy heights of 36 and has even, on occasion dropped into the high 34's. I did a BP, pulse and temperature diary for the GP..............no interest expressed!

Yes, I know that feeling of NHS blankness and were you offered anti depressants as a consolation prize as well ?

When I started self medicating I monitored my blood pressure and temperature twice a day - my blood pressure remained constant but my temperature slowly climbed from around 35.4 to 36.6 where it now hovers.

If anything, I run myself slightly hypo - I know that might sound strange, but I still have lingering Graves and if I try a tiny increase in NDT I become a fridge magnet eating everything in sight at 10.pm !!!

How did you know about the SSRI's?😜 The fact that you are fed up with feeling bad all the time with no energy, gets interpreted as depression. Cause and effect are a convenient "switch".

I only know what I know because it happened to me :

" No - you can't have a dose increase of T4 - your TSH is only just in the range " :

" Well, you may feel better on the higher dose of T4 but then you fall out the bottom of the TSH range, and that must not happen, so have some anti depressants - and basically go away and get on with it " !!!!!

I don't think my experience is that uncommon in primary care as these doctors are only able to offer T4 - Levothyroxine only and then" add on " numerous other prescriptions drugs to appease the patient who becomes totally confused by it all.

What I find really worrying is that they are not interested in expanding their knowledge, but are quite prepared to chuck addictive, mind altering drugs at you. If I was a cynic I would suspect the drug companies are bribing them!!!! It's official I AM a cynic!!

Well of course - ditto the cynicism :

I've had the central heating on loads this winter more than last year. I'm really feeling the cold I live in a 60s house, big windows in every room. All wet. Its boiling in summer and absolutely freezing in winter. Someone did recommend an electric blanket and I think now's the time!

Alanna012, I live in a relatively modern, super insulated, double glazed bungalow. Yet today just can't get my temperature up, although the room thermometer says 22 but still feet like blocks of ice and cold hands.


Hot soup and a hot water bottle?

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Lora7again in reply to Alanna012

I am feeling really cold at the moment and I think it is because it was minus 10 over the weekend. I don't think we have had temperatures as low as this for quite a while.

Strangely I wasn't as bad over the weekend, at least when I was standing in the sunshine. It must be my primordial cold blooded ancestry surfacing. Today here it was +2 and I felt really bad!!!

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Alanna012 in reply to Lora7again

Yes it does seem colder than last year!

I always wonder how people with hypothyroidism in really cold climates cope. Being undertreated in such circumstances must be more obvious, it would be interesting if treatment is better overall

I spend a lot of time watching programs based on people living off grid in Alaska: Life below Zero, Alaska Homestead Rescue, Yukon Men etc and as appealing as that sort of independence looks, I always think 'I wouldn't survive two minutes in the cold' and it's simply true. I'd die from the exposure!

The wood cabins always look warm, always a roaring fire and when things get really bad you curl up with 3 Huskies!!🐺 Hence the 60's group name; Three Dog Night. i.e. a really cold night!!

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