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Finger Prick Blood Test

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Believing I should be aware of my baseline before supplementing, I sent off for Vit D test. First attempt failed so consulted google and this forum for tips. Preparation before second attempt included spare lancets from diabetic friend : aspirin to thin blood: drinks to hydrate: steeping hands in hot water: whirring of arms and massaging downwards: elastic band torniquet on knuckle. In spite of trying all fingers both at pad and near nailbed and twisting Lancet 45 degrees not one drop of blood could be coaxed into the tube ! I have concluded for some of us only a venous draw will do and have taken a leap into the dark by ordering BetterYou 3000 spray with K2.

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Hi asiatic,

I have previously posted in this as I couldn’t fully a single vial for the draw and Medichecks twice said samples were ‘corrupted’ (unsuitable). Now I stop taking D3/ K2 one week before blood draw as otherwise my samples just clot not flow. I think it’s the K2 that aids clotting. I also soak my hands in warm water and run up & down the stairs a few times. It’s also useful for someone to hold the vial in a lower position than yourself, as having my arm straight seems to encourage the flow.

Best wishes to you!

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asiatic in reply to Buddy195

Thanks for your suggestions. I haven't taken Vit D or K2 yet so if K2 does indeed improve clotting when I start it my blood might solidify !!!

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Push your GP to test vitamin D, folate, B12 and ferritin plus cholesterol too

All relevant to thyroid disease

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You don't need the normal fingerprick test for Vit D. I would never do that type of test for Vit D unless it was included in a thyroid/vitamin bundle. You can do a blood spot test with an NHS lab which offers this to the general public:

Just 4 spots of blood onto an absorbent card, see from 1 minute 15 seconds here:

You cannot guess at what you might need, if you are severely deficient you will need a lot more than 3,000iu D3, if you are already at the recommended upper level of 150nmol/L you wont need to supplement. And don't forget, if you do supplement you also need magnesium for the body to convert D3 into it's usable form.

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asiatic in reply to SeasideSusie

Thank you so much for that. I think I could manage 4 spots.....just !

Wish I had posted here for advice before wasting money on the test. Lesson learned

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