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Help - Finger prick blood test

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Medicheck Bloods – Finger prick test


I wonder was if anyone can help - I tried to take my bloods this morning using the finger prick medicheck blood kit and only managed to fill the bottle just under the 40 mark( not even half the bottle ) I took bloods after my morning shower and hadn’t eaten since 7pm the night before.

Another kit is being sent out so will try again , I did think about going to the gym first then take blood after to get the blood flowing can anyone suggest anything else.

Thanks in advance 😊

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Hi it can be a bit of a faff, the first time I did it my husband ended up using a needle as I'd used all the prickers they had sent but managed to get it out in the end, second time was much easier. Make sure your well hydrated so drink plenty of water the day before as well as the morning before you do you bloodtest, make sure you have everything ready to hand, a bowl of hot water to put your hand in, put hand in water till it goes quite red and give hand a good shake till it feels red and a bit hot, I use clicker towards side of finger nearer the nail as this seems to bleed better, have your arm straight while getting the blood, I put my tube assembly on chair rather than on the side as I'm quite short or you could try standing on a step ladder so arm is straight, don't rush it and try to stay calm, if one fingers stops bleeding then re warm hand again as before then try another finger. If you take k2 supplements then leave off for a couple of days before hand as this can help blood flow of luck.xx

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tee13 in reply to Raventhorpe

Will try this thank you. 😊

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tee13 in reply to Raventhorpe

Thank you for your advice Raventhorpe worked a treat filled the tube with no problems at all.😀

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Raventhorpe in reply to tee13

Your welcome xx

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Raventhorpe thoroughly helpful stuff 😊. You'll perhaps remember my post about hubby's finger prick test a couple of weeks back? Ha Ha! Well, happened to read this last night and though I get on 'okay' I thought I'd try 2 things you suggested this morning - hot bowl of water at my side and using our table which is a bit lower than the kitchen worktop. Well it made a difference (no way 😥).

I wonder if your step by step tips might be worth being pinned? 🤗

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