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BBC documentary about fake medicines

This BBC documentary, aired yesterday evening (12th July), has relevance for anyone considering purchasing prescription thyroid medications online, and of course to anyone already doing so.

It goes without saying that if thyroid problems were taken more seriously by the NHS (i.e. diagnosed and treated effectively with whatever medication is appropriate for the individual), people would not need to resort to putting themselves at risk by self medicating with self sourced medications.

The programme can be viewed online (I think for this week only) at:

Fake Britain, Fake Medicines

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I watched that programme and it made me spit on behalf of thyroid patients. As you so rightly say, they would not have to resort to buying off the internet if they were getting the proper help. It is outrageous


All the more reason to post on the as per the blog below.

I know I don't really want to risk self medicating if eventually I find I need more than T4 - as in natural dessicated or just the T3 - but that may yet have to happen as I don't intend suffering the rest of my life held to ransom by the NHS and it's partners in crime!

It is within all our interests to make a stand when the opportunity arises.



And I ask ALL who feel like that to do as I did - communicate with the BBC. Whether you use the 350-character comment or make a full-blown complaint, PLEASE tell them what you think.



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