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How To Get T3 Liothyronine Imported

Just had a phone call about how I can get T3 imported.

I rang Day Lewis Pharmacy - Pharmacy and Prescriptions, Head Office, Croydon

0208 8256 6200

I told them all about no T3 being available in the UK & I have to get it imported.

They said they would get someone to call me back.

Received a phone call a few minutes ago & was told two ways to get it imported.

They can import it but it will take about 4 weeks to get the MHRA Import License

(They are saying it sounds like it will be manufactured again in the UK within 2 weeks so they may not need to import. I explained they have been saying 2 weeks since the start of April so I didn’t believe them)

So the other option which I am doing tomorrow is to ask my GP to ring the Hospital Pharmacy & ask the Hospital can apply for a 24 Hour Emergency MHRA Import License for the substitute T3 & Fast Track import it.

If you need T3 Liothyronine ring the Head Office Number 0208 8256 6200 (Ext. 6 Customer Services). Explain you need T3 importing & then someone from another department will ring you back & explain “How To Import” & call you when the UK supply is being manufactured.

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Not sure if you are writing about NHS or privately prescribed T3?

Did you by any chance discuss cost? Clearly this might be an issue whether private or NHS.



NHS not privately prescribed T3

The costs are covered by the "system".

She didnt go into detail but the same way prescribed UK T3 is paid for.


I didn't have to do all that. I went to my local Boots, the pharmacist phoned their supplier, the supplier got on to IDIS, IDIS ordered it and I had Thybon 20 Henning (a German brand) a few days later. There was no need for an import licence.

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What is IDIS please RamblingRosie?

Reply is their website - I found it in a google search


Thank you



You did well.

Is there any chance you can us let know which Boots Pharmacy you went to?

My local Boots are convinced T4 is the substitute for T3!

I commented on another bog I'd had the exact same conversation as them at my local East London Boots Pharmacy. Ive copied it below.

"I should go back to my doctor and ask her to up my prescription for Levothyroxine as it is an alternative for Liothyronine and is exactly the same. Having explained the reason for the lack of Liothyronine I then spent 5 minutes explaining to her that Levothyroxine is not a substitute and telling her the difference between the two medications, T4 and T3"


My goodness, if pharmacists don't know the difference the want hope do we have.

Jo xx


I'd prefer to not to say which branch of Boots it was. It's not relevant anyway, unless you live in the same town as me.


Mercury pharm confirmed to me yesterday that liothyronine 20mcg tabs, the licensed UK product, has just come back into stock. Your pharmacy should be able to obtain it very soon.

Anyway, I thought it would be useful to clarify a few points RE importation, since it's relevant to a variety of imported thyroid medicines such as Armour.

>I didn't have to do all that. I went to my local Boots, the pharmacist phoned their supplier, >the supplier got on to IDIS, IDIS ordered it and I had Thybon 20 Henning (a German >brand) a few days later. There was no need for an import licence.

IDIS are one of the largest importers of specialist medicines into the UK. Pharmacies can order direct from IDIS, if they set up an account, or they can ask their wholesaler's 'special orders' department to order from IDIS on their behalf. This is what your Boots pharmacy did. Ordering direct from IDIS has the advantage that they can provide information on their stock levels and when they can deliver. Ordering via a third party wholesaler may result in your pharmacy having little idea when the product will arrive, and they may tell you it will take 'weeks'. This is rarely the case unless the importer is out of stock, which is most likely for very unusual imports, or when there is a supply problem in the country of origin, which has often been the case for dessicated thyroid products such as Armour. As far as I know, there is no longer a supply problem with Armour however.

IDIS already possess licenses to import a large variety of products, which is why they can often supply imports within a few days. They stock common imports at their UK warehouse ie. they import certain products in bulk, not one pack at a time for individual patients. Other importers include Mawdsleys Specials, Durbin, and Pharmarama, but there are more.

Independent pharmacies can set up accounts with whatever companies they choose, and can set up an account with IDIS if they don't already have one. Pharmacy chains can only order from the companies approved by Head Office. This means that they are likely to order via their wholesaler's special orders office. This may be slightly less efficient but does work well in most cases.


Where do i get T3 FROM with a private prescription Wales thank you


One of these pharmacies may be able to help:




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