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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone could help me - I recently moved from Germany to the UK and I'm doing fine with a combination therapy of T3 and T4 that my doctor in Germany prescribed me. Now I need to find a GP/endocrinologist in London who will continue prescribing me the same dosage - no luck with the GP I registered with. Can anyone recommend someone in (South) London? I recall reading that the endocrinologist department at King's Vollege hospital is quite good, but not sure what they think about T3? I would be thankful if anyone could share their experience via PM. Thanks a lot :-)

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  • our beloved NHS has pretty much banned T3 because the only supplier in the UK has hiked the price to astronomic levels wheras its still just pennies alsewhere in the world

  • Hi I know this probably won't help, but I've just after a four month battle, got my GP to write a private prescription and through a German friend have got a German pharmacy to post the t3 here, my first batch next week hopefully. The German pharmacist did insist on having a private prescription but if I were you I would see if your consultant in Germany would continue to prescribe it for you.

    Best wishes


  • It does help in a way, because it could spare me a lot of stress, I'm considering not even trying here and just getting the prescription when I visit back home - thanks for your insights!

  • Thanks everyone for replying - phew, I didn't think it would be even harder to get t3 here than in Germany. Let's hope this will change one day!

  • It's ridiculous. Welcome to the NHS!

  • Hi. Dr Jeanie Todd is an endroconoligist in London. She prescribes T3 and T4. She is a private Dr so you could then take your private prescription to a GP to exchange to an NHS one.

  • Can you do that? my GP is saying he wont prescribe T3 because of the expense so how does it work ?

  • The NHS doctors are under no obligation to prescribe with a private prescription. It is entirely up to the Doctor. Some do and some don't.

  • Hi

    If money isn't an issue, try The Harpal Clinic in Moorgate. Dr HB is absolutely incredible and prescribes T3 that they purchase from Germany. She will do a full blood work up and review and optimise all of your hormone levels and even prescribes LDN (low dose naltrexone) which is miraculous.

    For a full review, which is absolutely worth every penny (and then some) it can cost around £800 but you may be able to save half of that if you can get blood tests done elsewhere.

    I put it off for ages due to the cost but seeing her was the best thing I have ever done. I wish I hadn't wasted time. I feel completely human again now and my need for T4 medication is reducing all the time. Despite what normal GP's tell you, hypothyroidism can actually be cured!!

    Good luck!


  • Loofoz,

    I've edited your post as posting guideline #25 asks that we refrain from naming doctors on the forum without their express permission.

    Hypothyroidism can't be cured but it can be managed and when optimally medicated patients should be relieved of symptoms.

  • Thank you for the information abut the harpal clinic Louise. I'm having a last chance with NHS and an endocrinologist they are referring me to, but it is good to know in case they do not help. Thanks a lot

  • See my PM about a London NHS Endo'.

    Also, as you have an official medical history of taking T3, they may be more open to you continuing. When you see the NHS endo', who you're being referred to, take any medical records you have from Germany, plus take written notes about how you were before the T3, & also how you were on any different doses and combinations of Thyroid therapy.

  • I am on T4/T3 combination treatment and I get my T3 on the NHS. I only started on it last year May as trial, but it has helped me a lot, so my current endo decided that I should stay on it.

    I live in West Yorkshire, and it took me 15 years to be referred to the hospital, and then another 3-4 months before I managed to convince another endo to put me on T3/T4 combo.

  • From what I understand (maybe it's different by area ???? Is that if you do find an Endocrinologist (or sometimes psychiatrist) to agree to T3 it is then your GP who prescribes it.

    I would not pay these high extortionate prices for T3 when it can be purchased so cheaply yourself. I will not be allowed to state where from on here but T3 can be purchased cheaply, this is why it is crazy because why don't the NHS purchase it from these cheaper sources?


  • Hi Sue

    Can you please PM me where I can buy T3 Please ?

  • Sorry I don't purchase T3 but know many people who do. Maybe write a new post as this is a year old now.

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