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T3 saga continues

I forwarded the link from the MHRA to my GP in the hope that this would enable him to order my T3 from somewhere else:

In the interim they had updated the website information '30 May 2013 - Update : We are informed by Amdipharm Mercury Company Ltd that stocks of Liothyronine 20 mcg Tablets are now available'.

Had a message from my GP on my phone- 'thanks for sending me the link, I am delighted that the supply is now reinstated'.

Went to Lloyds pharmacy who have my prescription. After much waiting and phone calls 'It will be three weeks before we can get this. All Lloyds pharmacies have to use the same supplier. I suggest you ask your doctor for a new prescription and try another pharmacy'.

I have done this by email (at least I have discovered they do read email). Assuming I get a prescription I will try Boots. If that is unsuccessful I will give up and increase my Levo until the supplies of T3 are resumed.

At least it was a sunny evening and I missed my gym class to sit in the garden!

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For clarity, do you get your prescriptions sent directly to Lloyds? (I imagine that if you do not, you would have the piece of green paper in your paw.)

If so, it is a HUGE reason not to get prescriptions sent directly to any pharmacy, if it is avoidable. I am free to take mine to any pharmacy in the country.



Hi Rod

no it's just my local. But as I had other things on the script which had already been given to me (levo) the pharmacist said they could not return the script to me and I would need to ask for a new one.



That makes me so cross! I've got into the habit now of asking the pharmacy to confirm that they can fulfil the *whole* script before I hand it over!

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Yes, lesson learned. I go there regularly so they usually have what I need. Will try to keep some in reserve for future emergencies.


That is the other absolute pain cause of the problem! I so agree.

Your doctor should be obliging - it is not as if you could have done anything about the issue!


Thanks, I hope so!


Having thought about it, if a company is so incompetent that they take three weeks to get a life-sustaining medicine into their shops, then we had better hope there is no epidemic!

People have had it ordered and arrive from Germany is just a few days. Even from Mexico in less time!

Please: Complain to the highest level of Lloyds (e.g. Chief Executive), copy to your local PCT or whatever, Pharmaceutical Journal, Royal Pharmaceutical Society, doctors, MHRA , MP local and national newspapers, and anyone else you can think to involve. It is totally unacceptable.

In my view, this is not something that should be left un-complained at!


GP phoned me today to say e mail had arrived detailing supplier, he forwarded to chemist who had all my oweing perscriptions, they are confident my supply will arrive tomorrow. (Friday 31st May) supplies are now available, although my GP manager confirmed the MHRA would agree that GP can give unlicienced perscriptions, and have Liothrorine imported from EU. (Germany specifacally) if necessary. The MHRA website was useful.


I hope you get it okay tiger13.


I'm on T3 only and after informing my local Boots pharmacy on Wednesday that T3 was now available, picked my prescription up yesterday!

The bottles are the usual Liothyronine from Mercury Pharma (even though they're now called Amdipharm Mercury).

Hope that helps.

Best wishes, Kezkinz x


Hi Kezkinz - My Boots phoned me this morning to say they had spoken to Alliance and will have t3 in two weeks. Do you know where your Boots got yours from?

Sheila x


Hi Sheila

When I spoke to my Pharmacist she said they use Alliance so I presume they got them from there.

You could try and phone another branch of Boots to see if they say the same.

I kept my Pharmacist informed about the problems and emailed them the email I received from Amdipharm Mercury to say Liothyronine was available.

I only just changed my Pharmacy to Boots just before the problems and I have to say they've been very helpful. It's a small stand alone Boots Pharmacy on a residential estate.

Best wishes, Kezkinz xxx


I think boots is part of alliance now or the other way around i.e. the same company!


My Boots has now said Alliance will be able to get them some in 2 weeks.


I got my prescription on Friday and took it to Boots at 5.20 in the evening. The pharmacist put the order in and said it would probably be ready Monday. She phoned me on Saturday morning to say it had come in.

Great relief.

It seems some people are getting i quicker than others


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