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LA Pharma T3 - Please Share Experiences


Has anyone tried "LA Pharma T3 (Liothyronine) 100 mcg'' ?

I was recommended a supplier from someone on this forum but have not managed to find an optimum dose. I was previously doing well on Liothyronine Sodium Tri-iodothyronine 20mcg but was no longer able to get this brand.

I and am finding myself undermedicated on 25mcg of LA Pharma and not sure if I need even more.

Please share any experiences, many thanks!

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Many times that LA Pharma has been mentioned it is in connection with it seeming to be sub-potent. It is often regarded as a product that is sold to bodybuilders - that does not come up to the standards of other T3 products.

Afraid there is little independent information - almost everything is just individuals reporting what they have experienced. The consistency of these experiences does suggest that we should be cautious.


You said:

Liothyronine Sodium Tri-iodothyronine 20mcg

That doesn't include a brand name or manufacturer name and, on its own, doesn't identify the product you were OK with. Can you let us know what you were on? And why you are presumably not being prescribed it any more?

Most people I've spoken too think the LA Pharma stuff is rubbish and you need the 100 to act like 25 of anything else - but I haven't taken it.

I have used LA 100mcg when there was a hiccup in my usual prescription, my experience was it was better than the 5x20mcg i got from nhs but not as good as 3x25mcg of cynomel from france or the 3x25mcg mercury pharma from greece which a friend use to send me. The LA & cynomel always have a good 2 years expiry date, the nhs stuff i was lucky if it hadnt expired within the 3 month prescription. I dont react (fingers crossed) so far to fillers in any of them. Lots of people find one particular brand only suits them. Go back to the one that works best. For me tiromel was the weakest.

Thanks for your help. Did you find you needed more of the LA to the amount of other brands. I am normally on 10mcg of T3 so should I take 100 of LA if it’s generally weaker?

Marz in reply to HarrietJW

You didn't receive a response from Endomad as you inadvertently replied to yourself 🤔


My immediate reaction is that being a bit weaker doesn't mean take ten times as much.

I hope endomad replies - but be cautious. A large overdose of T3 is likely unpleasant.

OMG no dont take 100mcg, i dont find it any weaker than other brands. I wouldnt advise trying to reduce it to 10mcg either as no way can you cut a tiny tablet into 10 pieces.

I am confused you said yesterday you are normally on 10mcg T3 and should you take 100mcg t3. I said absolutely NOT but your previous post 3 months ago you say you just jumped straight into taking 100mcg and was on 20mcg previously !!! I do not find LA T3 weaker than nhs T3 which i explained at the time. I don't want to be unkind but taking very high doses randomly is not safe or responsible.

I have had a thyroidectomy and i have resistance hence my high dose, I was under an NHS endo for t3 closely monitored, ecg heart scans, bone density scans, you are playing with fire. You need to get honest with yourself, people on this forum offer their experiences to help others, we are not drs, we can only offer insight based on the information YOU give, if you are not being honest then it's pointless. You said on 1.5 grain of Ndt your T3 was 5.57 on the equivalent of 14mcg T3. You were 6.12 on 20mcg T3 why in gods name would you just suddenly take 100mcg. My honest advice is stop what you are doing, get baseline tests without meds, your comment 'I fear working with my gp might not get the results I am after' what are you after?

Looking back over your posts worries me. All over the place.

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Go back to square one and test, increases should be slow and small and tested. Find a Dr you trust, self medicating is not for you. Hope you haven't messed up your system with chopping and changing meds. T3 is not a magic bullet it is slow and steady.

This sounds harsh but I mean it kindly xxxx

HarrietJW in reply to endomad

Hello, thanks for your reply and don’t worry, I am not taking 100mcg, it was suggested by someone on the forum, but I am currently taking .25 of a pill = 25mcg along with 100mcg Levothyroxine.

Yes it is a very confusing problem, hence all my posts, I have not found a Dr I trust and have had my medication chopped and changed due to changing Drs. This forum has been my main source of advice, hence the 11 posts over a year which you pointed out.

Perhaps yes it would be a good idea for me to stop medication completely in order to get baseline tests. How long would you recommend stopping it for?


endomad in reply to HarrietJW

I don't have enough knowledge to say with any certainty. If it were me I would do at least 7 days, t3 is short lived but t4 stores for a while. Test for baseline results then slowly start SLOWLY. Pick what you think is best for you and stick with it. I have done this several times when I crash, for me finding what works, works for a while, then back to Sq one. Rechecking vitamins, cortisol mine is very low. I over do work and other stuff and exhaust myself and then crash.

Lots of posts are good but yours red flag too much change too quickly. Thank you for not being offended its hard to convey meaning in writing.

Believe me I have been where you are, I just wanted to feel well or tbh I was happy just not to be in constant pain fear and depression.

Searching to feel well is a lonely frustrating experience, there are no quick fixes with thyroid, many of us never get back to full health but good enough to accept.

For me I picked a few people whose experience was similar to mine, I followed what they did to get well, we are all so different there are no set rules. Read lots of stories here and look for similarities and deff keep a journal, that has always steered me right. I'm sending you love xxx

HarrietJW in reply to endomad

Thank you. I am going to try it and would love to tell you how I get on and hear your thoughts?

HarrietJW in reply to endomad


I have now done two weeks without medication, my results are as follows:

TSH- 26 (0.2-4.2)

T3 - 2.94 (3.1-6.8)

FREE THYROXINE 6.8 (12.22)


These show me to be severely hypothyroid ofcourse, even though my symptoms are very slight (weight gain, cold hands)

I am going to try NDT again, would you be able to advise on a starting dose?

Many thanks!

HarrietJW in reply to HarrietJW

SeasideSusie Angel_of_the_North I would really like your input too if possible? Would it be ok to start with 2 grains?

SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to HarrietJW

I'm sorry, I have no experience of stopping meds for 2 weeks then restarting so I can't suggest a starting dose. If Angel can't help, perhaps start a new post as there may be someone on the forum who has done this.

endomad in reply to HarrietJW

I would start on 1.5 grains (which ndt are you using) you had good test results before on 1.5 grains. Add quarter of a tablet every 2 weeks, it needs to be done slowly as over and under medicated share similar symptoms. 2-3 grains seems to be the average dose. Take notice how you feel and keep a detailed daily journal. You need to get those antibodies down, Im not hashi so ask someone who is for help with that.

I tried LA Pharma liothyronine many years ago and it did absolutely nothing for me. I wouldn’t recommend it.

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