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Please help........ Blood results

Hi I am a 35 year old male, and I had a total thyroideectomy and radio iodine , and may results are......... D....d..d drum rattle

Thyroid stimulating hormone = 0 .02 miu/l

Free thyroxine = 28 Pmo/l

Free tri-lodothronine = 56 pmoi/l

And I feel rubbish.

Can't think etc etc.

I am on 300mg levothyroxine and haven't got a clue what the above means.

Do I nead less thyroxine, and is it a good idea trying t3 and t4 treatment, as I know some people here are in favour of, and if so at what dosages. My endocrinologist who I have an appointment next week doesn't know how much to perscribe. If she is willing at all. ( the combination t3 & t4 drugs.

Thanks for any posts. Mike

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Sorry . Free tri-loco threonine is actually 5.6


Ah, that's better. :) Do you have any ranges though? It's hard to be sure of a good interpretation without them.


Mike, thank goodness! I've deleted my previous reply, inappropriate now :)

You don't need T3 added as FT3 5.6 is very good and near the top of most ranges. It's probably the high FT4, which is quite a bit over most ranges, making you feel ill. High FT4 made me feel rubbish for months when I was over replaced to suppress TSH. Your TSH is very suppressed, often <0.1 is the target, so your endo will probably reduce dose by 25mcg-50mcg next week which will bring down FT4 too.


Mike, those results aren't in the usual range of numbers we see here. Do you have any lab reference ranges for those? They look more like Total T4 and Total T3 results, rather than Free T3 / Free T4...

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To clarify thyroid stimulating hormone is 0.02. (0.3-5.5) mlu/l

Free thyroxine 28 (9-25) Pmol/l

Free tri -lodothronine. 5.6. (3.5-6.5) Pmol/l.

Again . Thankyou for your help :)


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