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Recommendations for a thyroid specialist in London that takes a holistic approach to thyroid care?

Hi all,

I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid when I was 15. I was given Levothyroxine by my local GP. After taken the medication for a couple of weeks, I found that I was being drained of all the energy I had - like I had run out batteries or something. I went back to the doctors and they just took me off the pills, saying my levels were low but not that low. I feel like my situation needs closer attention which my local GP isn’t willing to do.

Can anyone recommend a thyroid specialist in London that will take a holistic approach to remedying my issue? Preferably one that’s not too expensive - or better yet, one on the NHS.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated :):)

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As no information is permitted on the forum about doctors/specialists, except by a private message, I will close your post and comments will be sent to you privately.

You can also email Dionne at Thyroiduk who has a list of sympathetic doctors and one may be near you. Her email is:

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