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Holistic endocrinologist london

Hi there, I've recently found out I have hashimotos and am looking for an open minded endocrinologist in London. I'd like to discuss armour ideally and I've also tried a gluten free diet for the last month that's made a huge difference. So looking at other lifestyle/dietary changes would be of interest to treat the auto immune side as well as the under active thyroid.

If anyone has any recommendations for a good holistic endocrinologist would be great to hear about them. Ideally Bupa registered. I live in north London but happy to travel.


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Hi annabelsok, I have just seen a great Endo in Bristol. He wasn't holistic but he is prepared to prescribe Armour if you ask and if your history shows that you are not having much success on Thyroxin. Dr Andrew Johnson. Follow this link and it will give you some more information. He has been very helpful to me. Telephone for the main hospital is 0117 321 6260

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Hi, I live near Bristol and I want to get referred to an endocrinologist. Is Dr Andrew Johnson at Bupa or NHS?


Hello Curlybob, I think he is both. I have been seeing him at Spire, Bristol. Give 0117 4146422 a call, that would be the correct number I think for the Endocrine Dept. :)


Brilliant thanks curly bob!


Sorry that was meant for lobbielou! Thank you


Thank you so much loubie loo.


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