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Help a Canadian sufferer please

I just joined this site. I live in Canada. I am going to beg my GP tomorrow to give me a prescription for Thyroid by Erfa. I have been in Synthroid for years and feel like crap. Time to try a natural thyroid med.

I have a couple of questions. What is a grain? I’ve never heard of that when referring to doses. Also, does anyone know what the equivalent is to 75mg of Synthroid? Any advice on how much to start out with? Start low and work up or start high and cut back?

I would also like to hear from anyone on Thyroid and how they like it


Thanks in advance for any help


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Hi mikkymouse,

Please go to helvella - his page - and look up his postings and check for the glossary - he has the equivalent dosing for all the thyroid meds listed there. I am in Canada too, just post TT 15 weeks - be aware that there are often shortages of the Erfa drug in Canada - and hopefully you shouldn’t have to beg for the Rx. If your GP won’t give it to you, get a referral to an endo preferably at a teaching hospital if one is near you. They are usually willing to Rx all kinds of alternatives to Synthroid. I wish you all the best. Hoping you get your life back soon. Positive thoughts your way today.


I wrote a long reply and lost it! Don’t you just hate that. I’m going to send just this as a test before I try again. Bear with me.


No worries! Take your time.


Ok. I see what I did wrong. First, thanks for answering me. It was the first post I have ever done anywhere and you are my first reply lol.

I asked if we were allowed to say on here where we lived. I will give a hint though. We are famous for our webbed feet from all the rain lol.

Are you on a desiccated thyroid or Synthroid? Also what does TT mean? I need to learn all the abbreviations.

Walmart has some of the Erfa Thyroid still. I’m going to ask my GP for 60 mg and then if it doesn’t agree with me, I will lower it. I may even cut it in half for a few days to adjust to it. Any ideas on that.

I’m so excited but also anxious by the whole switching thing. I have been in Synthroid for years but about five years my body decided it didn’t like any meds and then the fun began.

I’m taking my husband with me tomorrow when I see the GP so he can give me some extra clout.

Thanks again.


Hi there,

Well, welcome to the forum! There are some very knowledgeable people here! I am sadly, not quite in that category, yet, as I am new since February when I had a total thyroidectomy (TT)! I have Graves’ disease and had a toxic multinodular goiter. And I know that tomorrow when it is morning in the UK, you will get some helpful answers.

I think I can guess where you live - and I live where a different language is spoken!

You should check the posts of pennyannie - she takes NDT and has had a very good result with it. Just put the name in the search box and her posts and answers will come up. Same for helvella - he has posted all the conversions in a chart for the different thyroid drugs. If you click on my name, you can see my posts and responses to different questions.

Some people on the forum swear by NDT and have had a great experience with it. I myself am on Synthroid and Cytomel because I do not convert T4 by myself and need the help. I wanted to start with Synthroid because both my endo and surgeon recommended it and plus, I was already familiar with the drug. However, I had issues with it in the beginning, but they seem to have resolved at this point with a lower dose of Synthroid and the addition of Cytomel, so now I just need to get the dose right. That’s a longer story for another day 😉!

I may decide to try NDT but am worried about the shortages in Canada over the last few years. It is hard to transition over to different drugs from what I have read here and takes some time to get the dose right. So I am sticking it out for now with what I am on to see if I can make it work.

It is likely that you will be asked to post blood work results at least for TSH, T4 and T3 as well as results for vitamins, etc. Check posts of SlowDragon for what the forum members are likely to want to see.

Great idea to bring your husband with you. I have found it helpful to bring mine for big appointments for moral support and as well, to be there to speak out if needed.

Hope this has been helpful and I wish you all the best. I hope the NDT works for you. Thyroid matters are so complex and differ so much from person to person - that’s one thing I’ve learned from this forum. Wish I had more info for you on the NDT - but I figured you were in a different time zone and wanted you to have an answer from a fellow Canadian since our UK friends are sleeping now. Sending hugs from across the country! 🤗


Hello. I was also given Cytomel to try adding to a lower dose of Synthroid but after a couple of weeks I developed an acne like rash so I stopped it. My endocrinologist doesn’t agree that Cytomel would cause this. I’m not sure what else it could have been. Just wondering if you have had any reactions?


Hi there,

I have had no reactions to Cytomel at all - I did have hives with higher doses of Synthroid, however. That was the result of my Graves and other allergy problems. BTW I no longer have that problem with Synthroid - I take the the 50 mcg white tabs with no dye etc. The reason I mention that is because I wasn’t reacting to the hormone per se - but my body didn’t like getting so much of it all at one time. I am used to it now.

It’s hard to say why you are getting the rash though - it could be the filler they use in the Cytomel, possibly? But you would not have a reaction to the T3 itself because it is a hormone not a drug.

It could be that your body doesn’t like the immediacy of the hormone also- T3 is fast acting and maybe your body doesn’t like that fast hit. How big a dose were you on? You might want to try starting on a very small dose to see how you react - and work up from there. It could be dose related.

Do you take other medications or have other immune conditions that wold be triggered by an allergy to something like the fillers in a drug?

Just guessing here - and wish I could be more help. It’s clearly a reaction to something (Duh - I know) - but the question is what? Can you ask your pharmacist what the fillers are in the Cytomel? That might give a clue. Some people are lactose intolerant, etc.

Hope this helps and wishing you all the best.


I am very sensitive to drugs. The dose was very small. .05 twice daily. I stopped after 2 weeks and went back on Synthroid only. At 150 I think it’s too high so my endocrinologist reduced it to 125


Actually, I am also very sensitive to drugs. I started at 1.25 mcg chromée for two weeks - then went to 2.5 for another two weeks- it has taken me over a month to get to 7.5 mcg total - with 62.5 Synthroid - not much more than you were taking. If you need the T3, you will find the Synthroid won’t help much and you will still feel lousy. There is NDT, which some people swear by on this forum. I am trying to make this combo work for me before trying anything else - but so sorry to hear about your reactions.

Wishing you well and all the best.


Thanks and you as well

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Sorry - autocorrect - not chromée but Cytomel!


Hi Elena

What is Cytomel? I am on day six of the NTD but no miraculous change so far. Early days and of course I am

Under-medicated at 45. I wish I could up it but know I have to go slow. I’m not patient enough.

I hope the Thyroid shortage has been resolved. I read it is supposed to be this month and early next month. I’m afraid I will love this Ned and then won’t be able to get it. I’m thinking what you are taking us T3????


PS. It’s lovely here but rain coming in a few days. We need it because it’s forest fire season now. What’s it like back there?


Hi Mikky,

Hope you are doing OK - I was sorry to hear about your hubby’s trip. I felt really bad for you both.

Cytomel is T3 - and yes, I am taking T3. Right now, i take 62.5 mcg of Synthroid and 7.5 mcg Cytomel. I do not convert T4 to T 3 - which is what you need to have to mimic a working thyroid. So I take both. And I’m not taking enough of the T3 yet - I am taking the dose up very slowly. The NDT you are taking now has both T4 and T3, but it may not have the exact mix you need. Six days is not enough to see if it’s working - you need at least 6 weeks - so you will have to wait awhile before you see any big change. You can add Cytomel to your NDT if your bloodwork shows your T3 is too low. For this kind of dosing, you have to have some bloodwork to know.

I’ve been on several doses over a 4 month period and still haven’t found the magic mix yet - see what your bloodwork shows in 5 weeks when you will be due for tests - and then you can nsee what you need to add based on the results.

Hope you will feel better soon and wishing you all the best! Elena


Thanks Elena

Ken says things happen for a reason and he’s right. It actually snowed yesterday where he was going. Not fun camping in the snow even in a big fifth wheel. He still plans on taking off in a week or two. He is trying to plan around all my dr appointments lol.

I am so ignorant at knowing what is out there for thyroid treatment. All I knew was Synthroid. Mind you, the drs never inform you if options do they.

How did you know you didn’t covert 4 to 3? Was it shown in low numbers? My numbers are ok. 13.8 so a bit in the lower end but ok.

I still think I was undermedicated on the Synthroid at 75 mcg. I trust the naturopath so we will see. I do know 6 days is way to early but I do think I feel a bit better. Maybe wishful thinking.

I go in three weeks for blood tests. Glad I have a standing order for the T’s Lab girl wrote it down wrong like I think I told you. Was supposed to be just for the TSH. She said it was our secret lol. So nice of her.

The naturopath said that maybe she will up the dose in two weeks. I hope so if I’m feeling ok increasing it.

I had posted two things and didn’t have a single reply which kind of surprised me. I’ll ask you then. Do you recommend getting an adrenal cortisol test done. They are expensive $220 so don’t want to if not necessary.

Second question was if anyone out there cried a lot. (I’m so darn emotional now) and if anyone had weak shaky legs.

Thanks Elena.


Hi Mikky,

Glad hubby will get his trip - he’s right that everything happens for a reason.

So your first question , you will know if you need more T3 because the bloodwork readings will show it to be on the low end of the range.

Your second question - I have no experience with adrenal issues so I can’t help you there. I don’t know about cortisol either - but if your cortisol was high, you would be very overly energetic. Don’t think that’s your problem.

After my surgery I cried all the time and was wobbly too. That happens when you are undermedicated. I am still undermedicated so I occasionally feel a bit low and shaky .

Hope it helps. Elena


Thanks Elena. It helped. One more thing. Do you think 3.5is good? If it is does that mean for sure I don’t need more?



I can’t tell you that - I don’t know what the range is that your lab uses. I know at my hospital, 3.5 is close to the bottom of the range which is 3.0 - 5.9. So based on that, your T3 would be low. But you need to look at the range. Hope it helps.


Thanks again. The range is 2.6 to 5.8.


In my judgment your T3 is too low, and I suspect that’s why you feel bad. But you need to wait till your bloodwork before making any change - it’s too soon and you need to give your NDT time to work. You can always add T3 later . With all things thyroid, taking it slow and patience are the way to go.


Now you really are making me feel better. I actually want it to be low so it can be treated. If it was great then I would worry about where else to turn.

The one thing that is frustrating for probably all of us is that everything takes so long. Teaches us patience I guess.


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I’m probably becoming a nuisance and sorry if I am. One more question. Maybe two lol. What is your TSH and how bad are you symptom wise now? I can hardly walk and I’m so weak feeling. I forced myself just now to drive to the library. No way could I walk. I went to pick up the book Stop the thyroid madness. Have you read it. I hope it helps me feel better.

That’s it. Enjoy your evening.


I don’t know yet because my last bloods were taken a month ago and are not accurate now. And because I have no thyroid the TSH is not meaningful.

My symptoms are much better - but I still need more T3and am adding it very slowly. I am able to walk an hour a day and do some light housework - food shopping I can manage and laundry etc. I am feeling much better but still anxious and shaky. Off to bed for me - have a good evening! Elena



You have to remember that what my readings are may not be good readings for you- each of us feels different and you may feel better at higher or lower than me. It goes by bloodwork plus symptoms. Night night.



Welcome to our forum.

Many have recovered their well-being medicating NDT but if you haven’t previously taken any T3 (contained in the NDT), it will need introducing slowly.

Also, adequate iron and nutrients are vital in making any thyroid hormone replacement work well.

Have you had ferritin, Vit D, Vit B and folate tested recently ?

If you have Hashimotos, have you taken steps in managing antibody levels ?

Have you adequate and balanced cortisol levels ?

Any or all of these could impair your tolerance of NDT, especially low iron levels.

Post recent labs complete with ranges (numbers in brackets). A new post will invite more members comments.


Thanks Radd Wow. This is way more involved than I thought. I won’t be surprised if my GP won’t write a prescription for it. Will find out in a few hours.

My ferritin, vits etc are all good.

How do you know what your cortisol levels are? Also I’ve never been told that there are things to manage my Hashimotos.

When you say post recent labs what ones are you referring to? All I know is my last TSH last week was 3.2. I never get my T3 or T4 tested. Just a couple of times in over ten years on Synthroid. I have been complaining to my GP for five years now how I sick I feel but because I have had bad anxiety during that time he puts it all down to that! Very upsetting.

Thanks again.



FT4 & FT3 labs are important to gauge levels and give appropriate med doses as the TSH level isn't always a good indication of where thyroid hormone levels actually are. If you medicate NDT (which contains T3) it will be necessary to have these tested in order to avoid over-medication as very often symptoms lag behind good biochemistry.

Cortisol is a stress hormone that becomes elevated and eventually deficient after supporting long term low thyroid hormone. It is also important (indirectly) in making thyroid hormones work well. Iron/nutrients are commonly deficient due to low thyroid hormone impairing stomach acid secretion and resulting in malabsorption.

A good read is "Your Thyroid And How To Keep It Healthy" by Dr Peatfield.





Members organise their own private tests when doctors are uncooperative.


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I forgot to ask how I go to helvella’s page


Put his name in search box. It will take you there.


Once again I wrote a lot and lost it. I thought I had it figured out. Maybe I need to give up before I pull my hair out.

Thanks for the info on how to find people. Guess I need to look closer at this site.

How are you feeling now? What side effects did you or are you having from the Synthroid? It’s so frustrating at times having this disease because it’s not a one cure for all kind of thing.

I can guess where you live. By the way where I live some English is spoken but it’s mostly Mandarin and Punjabi lol.

I think it’s past bedtime where you are but if you’re still up, night night.

Now to try and send this.



Received! I am off to bed but I’ll answer you tomorrow about my experience with Synthroid etc. 😴


So to answer you, I am feeling better now. I am closer to finding the dose I need - and because I am so sensitive to meds in general, I go very slowly with my increases - and I keep a diary of how I am progressing at each dose.

The issues I had with Synthroid were related to my Graves’ disease and my allergic profile in general (I have had many different allergies all my life). I developed huge hives after 5 days on Synthroid post op, and then every time my dose was changed, I would get more hives! That stopped about 8 weeks ago, and I no longer have that problem. I also get very hyper when the dose of Synthroid goes over 62.5 mcg - and it changes my personality from a kind and reasonable person to a very irritable, hyper and b****y person - and it happens in about 3 days after the dose is increased. But I am on a good dose now and I feel OK - so I am reluctant to rock the boat.

I also do not produce my own T3 as I mentioned earlier. I found that once my endo added it to my regimen when it was clear I was not converting, I went back to my old self - and I feel so much better! I am almost there, but not quitte. It is possible I would do well on NDT - but just so afraid of drug shortages and how any change in meds would wreak havoc on my ability to work.

Wishing you all the best on your quest to be better again - and hopeful you will get there.

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Thanks again for answering. Wow, you have had an ordeal havnt you. Now I’m getting anxious about starting it. I’m afraid of feeling worse. I can see though that I need to start slow. I don’t know what it’s like back there in “Q” (am I right) but here we have to wait months and months to see an encro and I am sick of waiting. It’s been five years of hell for me.

Take care.

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Please don’t get anxious - you won’t know until you try. Thyroid disease is a long term deal and it is trial and error for many of us. Even people without big issues have meds adjustments to make and this continues for your life. Do what you feel is necessary and you can only make the best decisions available to you at the time. If you don’t try NDT, you won’t know if it might have helped you. All the best and update your progress for us. I would like to hear how you are doing.


I will let you know what the dr had to say today. Fingers crossed. I am going to try it for sure.


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Write everything in "Word" first, select all, copy, come back to the HealthUnlocked page then paste it in. That way if it blows up you can keep trying until it works.


I’m brain dead. Seriously. What were you referring to please. Thanks for answering though.


Oh, OK. You said that you have written replies but then they "disappear", i.e. you hit Reply or Submit, nothing happens and you lose all of your typing. I was just suggesting that you write your answers/comments first "offline" using a word processor, the only one I know is "Word" (like when you write any letter), then you copy (your text) and paste it into this forum. That way if it disappears again, you still have it and you can keep pasting it until it no longer disappears. i.e. you don't have to keep retyping it into the blog.


Thank you but problem solved. It was my first day ever in a site or forum it whatever it’s called. What I did was hit “done”. I didn’t see the reply button.

Thanks for trying to help me out


Hello Mikkymouse

I think there are problems with the website, trying to " find people " by typing in their name, and I've also not had a daily newsfeed today, no worries, it's not you.

I'm also not with webbed feet, though our weather is wet, windy with storms and anything else you care to throw our way, except the sunshine. !!!

So, I am self medicating with Natural Desiccated Thyroid and find I'm doing ok on 1+1/2 tablets, with each tablet containing :- 38mcg T4 and 9mcg T3. plus T1, T2, and calcitonin.

I take it all at once at around 3 am in the morning, to dovetail in with the body's natural circadian rhythm.

Some people say one tablet equates with 75mcg T4 - Levothyroxine/Synthroid - others say one tablet equates with 100 T4.

I think it all depends on one's own ability to convert that proportion of T4 in the NDT into the T3, which is what the body runs on.

It is essential that your ferritin, folate, B12 and vitamin D are optimal as detailed on this amazing site. If vitamins and minerals are low, no thyroid hormone replacement will work and convert effectively within your body.

I stopped T4 one day and started NDT the next, starting with 1/4 of a tablet.

After 7 days I added a further 1/4. After 2 weeks I added another 1/4. And so on.

When I reached 1 + 3/4 I didn't feel as good, so dropped back down that 1/4 and this is where I have stayed. I think my dose is considered quite low. I read of most people ending up between 2 - 4 tablets and also having to split their dosages into am and pm, as the T3 is strong and taken all at once maybe not a good idea for most people.

TBH it's all trial and error, but ultimately before you start, check out your vitamins and minerals and read all you can and you might be lucky and have a doctor supporting you.

NDT was the treatment of choice for hypothyroidism prior to the introduction of Levothyroxine/Synthroid and the blood tests and the TSH score card system which leaves many of us underwhelmed and not feeling well. Whereas with NDT we dose to relieve symptoms and not to fit into blood test ranges and boxes.

P.S. If you press on my name icon it should take you to my personal page and also my replies to all posts previously sent to other people through this website.

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Hi pennyannie

I had a complete thyroidectomy a couple of years ago and have been taking Synthroid. My doc reduced my dose and added Cytomel but after a couple of weeks I broke out in itchy acne on my face and neck. I stopped taking it last week and the skin is starting to heal. I’m turning 60 this summer and my face had never been so broken out in my entire life. I had been feeling a bit better with the Cytomel too. Now I fear trying anything because it takes so long to recover. My main symptoms are insomnia depression and lethargy. Did you have any skin reactions ?


Hello there,

No, my transition from monotherapy on T4 to NDT has been very smooth.

I trialled both T3 and then NDT and feel better placed on NDT. I tried Greek T3 and liked it, I then purchased bulk of the Mexican version of T3 and it gave me bad headaches and I didn't feel comfortable driving my car. Comparing the T3 to NDT for me is like wearing stilettos two sizes too small, or wearing my slippers. Is there a different brand of T3 you can try, with different fillers ?

It is made from pig's thyroid, dried and ground down into tablet form for ease of use.

Years ago I 've read you would have just been given a nugget, to break down in your mouth taking it sublingually.

It is said to contain all the same known thyroid hormones that we produce, namely T1, T2, T3, T4 and calcitonin. The ratio of T3 to T4 is higher than in humans, but when taken in the ratio of 38mcg T4 to 9 mcg T3 as in the tablets this ratio works well for many people, though I've also read of people adding some T3 / T4 to their NDT.

It's difficult as we are all different, what works for one, may not another, it just trial and error, and having support obviously helps if a little nervous.


Thanks pennyannie,

Can I ask if you live in England? I’m not sure if that’s allowed. My sister was banned from a game site because she mentioned something very innocent so I’m nervous. Can you private message on here at all?

When you say you stopped T4 what exactly do you mean? Do you mean a thyroid med. Also I don’t think you mentioned what strength the NDT Was you started on. You said others take between 2-4 but again, what strength?

My blood numbers are all good including the minerals etc. I just had them checked recently.

Thanks for your reply. I’m going to answer another post now because of the time difference between here and England. By the way it’s gorgeous here lol.


I live in Cornwall UK - the NDT tablets are 60 mcg - which is said to equate with a dose of T4/ Levothyroxine / Synthroid of approximately 75 - 100 mcg. It's not more exact than that as we are all different and convert at different ratios.

I had my thyroid ablated in 2005 and was prescribed T4 which is a thyroid hormone replacement also referred to as Levothyroxine/ Synthroid. I was on monotherapy for over 10 years and became increasing unwell.

I decided to self medicate and one day I stopped taking the T4 and the following day started taking NDT . You dose NDT to relieve symptoms, you start slowly with a quarter of a tablet and slowly, over several weeks build up your dose until your symptoms are reduced and you feel normal, whatever that means !

I hope that helps you and yes you can pm people by pressing on their icon alongside their name.


Thanks again. How did you get the. NDT? Don’t you need a prescription there? This info you gave has been helpful. I need it plain and simple. That is what I need. I’m going to try and on you just to see if it works.


As I said I am self medicating, with no medical support, which means I'm on my own, buying my own medication. I can't discuss where I buy this from on the open forum, and I don't know if you can import goods from abroad easily.

You need to read up on all things thyroid, and no thyroid hormone replacement is a quick fix, it's a long haul, and self medicating is a lonely road, and would seriously suggest you find a health professional to support you.


My GP refused to give it to me so I’m going to find a naturopath. The dr did give me a standing order for blood tests for a year. He said he just couldn’t go against what he honestly believes is wrong. Fair enough.


I tried and it didn’t work.

I was just going to say that I know Cornwall very well. I lived in Devon for six months on my aunt and uncles dairy farm. Went dancing in Bude most weekends. Or to shows. Holsworthy where I lived didn’t have anything to do on a date. I was sixteen. I love that whole area.


Hi can I ask what brand of NDT are you takinging that includes the additional ingredients can you pm me a link ? Iam just trying different brands of ndt to see which I can tolerate as I am really sensitive to meds



Hi Merlin

I’m not in any NDT. MY GP today flatly refused to give it to me. I will see a naturopath that will. Need to find one ASAP. I’m getting so tired of feeling like the living dead and am afraid of getting depressed. I have had a tough two years battling cancer and I am sick to death of it all. I want my life. Sorry for whining. The one in Canada is Thyroid by ERFA. I’m like you. Very med intolerant. I realized today that it’s the med itself that is causing me all the grief. It lack of something that I know of.

Have you tried many types of NDT? I’m hoping the NDT will hate with me. Good luck.



Sorry I was asking penny Annie as she mentioned she was doing well on NDT

Sorry to hear you have had such a rough ride it's so sad the GP s are so ignorant to people's feelings and don't listen I too am like you finally realised it was the medication making me so ill and I have too also felt like the living dead for a long time.

You can order NDT online you don't need to see a naturopath if you see one though I have researched into it and have been having treatment through a NAET trained therapist and it is to help get your body back into balance from your hypersensitivity and its helped me be able to tolerate foods and supplements I was reacting to I started to have like allergy symptoms to medication and sensitivity reactions to foods like histimine reactions due to hormonal imbalnces, research into it and try have a sensitivity hair analysis test or something similar to pick up any food or environmental triggers and then look at the ingredients of the meds youve been taking you might see a correlation that's what happened to me

The NDT I am on at the moment Iav only been on it 1 week and already felt miles better than the first one I tried to its trail and error trying to figure out which one you can tolerate you can buy them online from America Iam not sure how the process works in Canada.

Be proactive and don't rely on the medical system just try the ndt of your choice and if you were on 75 iav been taking one grain straight away as a base line but other people do it in stages as you have read but I needed to feel stable asap and new that would be a dose I could be ok on then now I am increasing or decreasing the dose to eliminate anymore symptoms.

Good luck hope you find the right medication as I am very similar with sensitivity to meds I would definitely trying NDT and trained naet naturopaths there might be some in Canada look on the website. :)


Hi Merlin

That is weird. You were asking pennyannie but it came in on my email somehow. Thanks for your reply. I’m seeing a naturopath this afternoon. I do like the idea of being monitored a bit and also getting the opinion of a trained person as to dosing. I have been before and the one I saw was so caring and helpful. Because we have to pay, you aren’t rushed out in five minutes flat like in a GPS office. I booked for 30 minutes.

The one I’m seeing specializes in thyroid problems.

I’m happy to read that the new NDT seems to working well. Good luck with it all. Let’s pray that this is THE ONE.

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Hi I've been taking Nature for over ten years, the amount you take should be based on your weight, dose should be 1.2-1.8 mg per Kg of body weight, start at the lower dose and work yourself up until you feel well.



For example if you weigh 80kg 1.2 x 80 to 1.8 x 80, always go on how you feel, but work on the theory that less is more. Taking more will not help you lose weight.


Thanks for replying Denise. I did the math at 1.2 and got 86. I was thinking of 60 mg to start or even less. Any thoughts on how much to start on? I can cut the pill if I have to. I wasn’t thinking of weight or losing it which would be a bonus. I just want to feel good. You must be happy if you have been in NHT for ten years.

Now to see if my GP will even give it to me. Fingers crossed.


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HI Sheila, I doubt your GP will give it to you, I've always had to buy mine from International Pharmacy, but it's been worth every penny. As for your dose start on the minimum for your weight and then go on how you feel, I take 2 grains which is mid range and feel great on that. Denise x


2 grains is 130mg


The following info & links may hejp


CANADA’S “THYROID” Erfa formerly owned by King pharmaceuticals and is now owned by Phizer.

In each Erfa 60 mg tablet embossed ECI 60, there is 35 mcg. of T4 and 8 mcg. of T3

They come in 30, 60 and 125 mg tablets. Each tablet contains :

• Dried Thyroid

• Magnesium Stearate

• Cornstarch

• Talc

• Sugar

Erfa’s Canadian Thyroid has slightly different ratios than the USP ratios of US brands:

• Erfa 30 mg tablet embossed “ECI 30”, there is 18 mcg. of T4 and 4 mcg. of T3 (as compared to 19/4.5 in US brands) This is equivalent to the US one-half grain.

• Erfa 60 mg tablet embossed “ECI 60”, there is 35 mcg. of T4 and 8 mcg. of T3 (as compared to 38/9 in US brands) This is equivalent to the US one grain.

• Erfa 125 mg tablet embossed “ECI 125”, there is 73 mcg. of T4 and 17 mcg. of T3 (as compared to 76/18 in US brands) This is equivalent to the US two grains.


Thyroid® June 3 2019 Update from Erfa Canada

Thyroid 30 mg 100s – Release Date June 7, 2019

Thyroid 60 mg 100s – Release Date end of June 2019

Thyroid 125 mg – Release Date July 2019

Thyroid Foundation of Canada


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Thanks Primum

I have to admit that all that info was a bit overwhelming for me. I don’t understand it all. I have always just popped my daily pill and that was it. No checkups or visits to an encro My GP figures if the numbers are good that I am good. He won’t listen to me when I tell him how med intolerant I am and how sick I feel. Time to try and take charge of my own health.

I’ll be posting if he is willing to let me try NHT.

Thanks again.


I got the same message, dr told me I couldn't be intollerant, I've since learnt this is not true, also within two weeks of taking Nature Thyroid I started to feel well again. We're all different and I hate the way Drs just pass you off, I told the endocrinologist I was tried, his reply was so are most of the people in waiting to see me. It makes my blood boil the way we are treated.


Hi there. Did you just post this? I started threading my posts because at first it was a bit overwhelming but now it’s slowly all coming clearer.

Drs are a pretty useless bunch in my opinion with regards to Thyroid issues.

That is great news that you are feeling better. I’m jealous lol.


Hi Mikkymouse, there are some really knowledgeable people on this forum and you get good advice. 1 grain of NDT is equivalent to 100 micrograms of Levothyroxine . I take 1 grain of an American NDT as we cannot get Erfa in the UK (as far as I know).

Wishing you the best of health, Gisela


Thanks Gisela

How long have you been on it and how do you feel? I pray that it will make me feel better. Any advise as to how much to start out with?



Hi Gisela I just googled and it said you can get Erfa over there. I wonder what the price difference is between the two.


Please give Solaray Thyroid a try. They produce two different formulas (confusing). One is simply herbal support, the other includes actual dessicated thyroid (150 mg.) plus herbal support. This IS the formula that gets results for so many. Start low (1 capsule per day is enough for some. If you do not feel better in a couple weeks, try two per day.


But Solaray Thyroid claims it is Thyroxin-Free?


I have been on NDT for 15 months now and never felt better. I took one grain straight away and had no problem switching from Teva to NDT.

WIshing you all the best, Gisela


Thanks Gisela. This is what I love to hear. I forget. What were you on before you switched. How much are you on now. Did you increase slowly.

My GP refused to give me a prescription but at least he gave me a standing order for TSH, T3 and T4. He just refused to listen. He is so dead against it and told me he had patients that tried it and it made no difference. He hinted it was in my head. I was pretty upset but still really like this dr. He is normally very accommodating.

My next step is a naturopath and I’ll be going as soon as I find one who is good with thyroid issues.

It’s all so confusing because we all have different issues.

Thanks for sharing.

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Hi mikkymouse, If you want to buy natural (dessicated) bovine thyroid capsules, contact Thyrovanz in New Jersey - thyrovanz.com


Solaray products are considered a health supplement, here in the States. They are sold in health food stores, not pharmacies. If Canadian stores do not stock & cannot special order, may I suggest buying online somewhere like Amazon, or Walmart.com It is well worth the effort. BTW, I'm an Integrative Health consultant. My patients really do exceptionally well on this. Best of health to you, Jan Sonshine


Thank you but I’m really not interested. You don’t know my history and maybe that I have Hashimotos. There is no way I can substitute a health food product for a thyroid med. I tried once to stop and my TSH went over 17. Severely hypo.

Thanks for trying though. Glad it works well for your patients.


I was a top student at a top S.O.M. I'm also a SLE patient with Hashimotos. I will not dream of giving this up for myself, nor my patients. Of course it is your life & your health. So you only accept helpful suggestions from other patients. Again your choice. Good luck to you.


Dear Mikkymouse, I was on 100 mcg Levothyroxine but could not tolerate it because it contains lactose. The only lactose free tablet in the UK is called Teva, which contains mannitol and acacia powder, to which I am also allergic. I had no choice but to go for NDT and switched straight from 100 mcg Teva to 1 grain NDT and had no problem at all.

As for the suggestion by Jan Sunshine to go for a product without thyroxine, that is not an option. You need thyroxine and no amount of herbs can make up for it. You were quite right to reject it.

Kind regards, Gisela


Have you thought of Homeopathy? I am a Homeopath in the UK but have family in BC. Take a look at the Canadian Society of Homeopaths


They have a register of qualified and insured Homeopaths in all provinces.

It is called the Directory of Registered Members of the Canadian Society of Homeopaths.

Homeopathy can be used alongside conventional medication. Chronic issues such as autoimmune ailments needs to be dealt with by an experienced homeopath

Hope that helps


Thanks for your suggestion. I want to deal with one thing at a time. Today I am seeing a naturopath to see if she will give me desiccated thyroid. I am very ill an hour or two after I take the med and feel that it is the med itself, not that I need more or less of it. Trial and error.

I too live in BC. Don’t know if you are supposed to tell anything like where you live. ???


My dr. Added T3 or liorithine because my T3 was low. It made a world of difference to me. Does your dr. Test your T3 and T4? TSH alone is not a very good test. I living in Canada in the summer on Big Rideau lake. Love Canada it’s my happy place. Hope you feel better soon. Synthroid alone did not work for me either.


Hi Nanny23. Did you choose that name because your are a nanny and have 23 grandkids lol.

Have you ever been to Vancouver where I live. England is my happy place. We used to go every year before I got so sick. Hope to be better by September and then we’re off there. My relatives are there because Dad was a scouser

I just got a standing order for T3 and T4. It probably won’t be filled though unless I pay for it myself which I will do. Don’t understand why they don’t want to do it. More ignorance I guess. I mean about the disease.

My naturopath is calling in half an hour to let me know if she will OK Thyroid. That’s what I’m praying for.

Enjoy your summer here. It’s lovely out.


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