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Buy T3 ?

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I hope someone can help me.

My wrongly treated hashis caused my thyroid to completely burn out some years ago. I was then lucky to see Dr P, who put me on right track. I now take NDT, various supplements and one dose of synthetic T3 at night. If I do this I am as optimal as is possible... However, I have run out of T3 and not been able to get hold of Tina in Cyprus (as her website not working and email not responding) also Mexican source seems to be still not supplying.

The NHS will not supply ... or even test me. I am starting to feel very ill again :(

Can anyone please, please advise on a good, reliable T3 source.

Many thanks 🦋

The ability to reply to this post has been turned off.

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Hi Sunniflo,

Welcome to the forum. Could you please amend your post so that it reads - can someone please recommend a source by Private Message only. To keep in with Thyroid U.K. guidelines.

Do you have your last blood test results with ranges? Please post so we can help you a bit more.


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No T3 suppliers can be listed on open forum

Anyone who has info, private messages only

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