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Hashimotos and Female Contraceptives for bad Periods/PMS?

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I’ve asked this a few times but I am doing my own research as need to decide what to do with myself and the bad periods I am having to suffer each month, along with very bad PMS.

My levels for thyroid have room for a slight improvement however I think I need to try something for my periods. They are so heavy each month that I am getting very low on iron which makes me even more exhausted.

Do any female contraceptives work ok in people with Hashimotos!? Surely there is something. I can try. I don’t fancy the coil as don’t like the idea of it inside me.

Does anybody else have any suggestions? I don’t think the creams help with the symptoms above so I don’t know if they’d help and can’t get them easily prescribed anyway via the nhs?

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Hello Mistygrey

I am now post menopause, however, before my hypothyroidism was diagnosed I had debilitating periods which meant I couldn't even get to a shop and back somedays, plus working full time in an office was a nightmare ( in all respects!), so I know how horrible it is.

I don't have much information, and I know you have said you don't want a coil, but for the record I had a Mirena coil for a few years, which basically changed my life for the better.

It wasn't pleasant having it out in but was done quickly and after that I wasn't even aware of was there. It was very easy and painless to remove at a family planning clinic I seem to remember.

It was a friend who recommended it ..GP seemed to only have surgical options in mind so I suggested the coil. I have also had blood results with anaemia, which were not followed up and I found out by chance months later when I asked for printouts of all my test results.

Good luck, and yes, do something now because I realise I suffered unnecessarily as I thought it was 'just' a hellish menopause. As those in here will emphasise, we need to take control of our health as thyroid conditions are not always fully understood.

I totally agree with everything suecom has advised. Tried the patch contraceptive, please don't go there or injections. They mess up your thyroid. With the coil your periods should stop after a month or two. Saw me through my change of life. Just wish I had done it year's ago. Yes it's a bit painful having it fitted, just take a couple of strong of painkillers and hour before your appointment. My daughter has not had children but she had it done whilst I held her hand. Think about it, no more pain, expenses, embarressent. Plus you don't have to try and work holidays around your periods. You can where white without worrying. Provided the doctor or nurse has fitted hundreds you will be fine.

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