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Symptoms: fatigue, cold hands, no menstrual cycle, black outs (after drinking alcohol), weak hair and nails.

Currently on 125mg of levothyroxine, my symptoms have became worse over the past 6 months yet my blood test results have appeared fine.

Taking probiotics, cod liver oil, turmeric, glutamine and magnesium.

Any advice on where to seek private help? Or any advice to help my symptoms. Currently at a loss.


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When you say your blood results appear fine, is that what your GP told you?

Post them on here including ranges and the experienced members can advise.

It could be your not on the correct dosage of Levothyroxine.

Many people that have Hashimoto’s (including myself) benefit from going gluten free.

Best Wishes


Hi jacintaoreilly. Hard to know what's going on without more details and complete information about your levels. We need to see your complete thyroid blood results ( corresponding lab ranges) from the last 6 months. Do you have recent and past blood results for Free T3, Free T4, TSH, and thyroid antibodies?

If you have not tested your iron, B12, folate, and vitamin d lately, these will need to be tested because low levels would contribute to your symptoms. Also, with your particular symptoms, a complete blood count and comprehensive metabolic panel would also help solve what is going on here.

If you are not feeling well, the above blood results will help get to the bottom of the cause.

Are blackouts a symptom of Hashimotos? This is something I've noticed myself in the last year (not drinking any more than before, maybe less in fact)... Curious!

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m7-cola in reply to xelatropwen

Dizzy spells and fainting resulting from low pulse rate were a problem for me. Cardiologist suggested implant to monitor these

‘inexplicable ‘ symptoms. Now taking t3/t4 combination, pulse rate has increased, metabolism improved and have had no more dizziness or fainting episodes. Overall health and vitality tons better.

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xelatropwen in reply to m7-cola

Interesting, thank you! Will keep an eye on my pulse!

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