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Thyroïdectomie, Graves, new levels

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After a thyroïdectomie in March of 2018 and changing meds to be on Synthroid (brand name) 125mcg for 6 months now.

I fired my first endo and my second one is not confirmed to be much better but I’m hanging in there despite feeling tired, depressed, having hip pain and generally dry skin.

Here are my new levels:

TSH 0.60 ulU/mL - range: 0.55-4.78 (my level has been on a downward trend since I started at 1.35)

Free T4 1.7ng/dL - range: 0.9 - 1.8 (my level has been on an upward trend as I started at 1.1)

T3 124ng/dL - range: 60-181 (level is trending downward as I started at 158)

Vitamin B12 is 249pg/mL - range: 211-911

Can you guys tell me how does that look to you? I mean I’ve had a lot of stress in my life this past year but I really feel crappy so I’m thinking maybe it’s linked?

Thank you so much!!!

2 Replies
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Not sure if I posted this in the right place but anybody who can help with my test results above, I’d greatly appreciate it!


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Also, on top of the hip pain I now have knee and ankle pain... could it be related to my levels? Please help!

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