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Anyone here take a Levothyroxine/NDT combo?

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I cannot tolerate straight NDT- ( t3 ratio too high). Nor do I feel well on T4 only med; also felt awful on synthetic t3/t4 combo.

So I recently tried something new- I started adding a small dose of WP thyroid to my Levothyroxine and am suddenly feeling much bette! ( hope it continues ) The ratio is much much Lower and the t3 in this med just doesn’t feel so harsh as the Cytomel . And yes - I’ve had ALL the testing that is so often suggested here and all that stuff is fine. I’m Just wondering if anyone else here combines levothyroxine with a NDT med with good results?

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I did, for some time. The addition of a small bit of t4 didn’t change how I felt but it made my blood tests prettier. I was dosed to the tsh and fT3 and ft4 both low in range.

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I should say that I’ve now dropped the t4 and upped the NDT.

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Thanks for your response @SewinMin- I'm doing the opposite- I'm on t4 and adding a small amount of NDT. This made sense to me after all the bad reactions I was having to other approaches. I also was very intrigued reading the book "The Functional Approach to Treating Hypothyroidism" by Dr. Kenneth Blanchard. His belief, contrary to most everything else I'd read, is that most people are overdosed on t3. He treated most of his patients roughly a 98% t4 and 2% t3! He was greatly dismayed that 5mcg was the smallest dose of t3 available and so mostly prescribed compounded t3 (also so it would be sustained release) He has many convincing arguments to back this up. I've read many books on treating thyroid and this is the only one that proposes a protocol that Made sense for me personally (I realize we all have different needs for different reasons) . I can only hope I'm really onto something that works for me.

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For me, when we dropped the t4 and replaced it with more NDT to give the same amount overall of t4 - ie overall the change gave me about an extra 5mcg of t3 - I felt much better. I’ve since increased a little more. I’m on 3 grains now. In theory I’d like a bit more t4 to get a more human ratio, but it didn’t agree with me. 98/2 doesn’t sound like a human ratio either - what was the rationale?

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