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Today my eyes are horrible. They are so dry ,red and sore I have difficulty seeing. I think my dry eyes are very closely linked to my general hypo condition so when I am bad so are my eyes. Please please does anybody have any suggestions how to alleviate this. I have all the drops. sprays, cleaning wipes but nothing helps at the moment. I heard on a lecture about iodine that you could put a little progesterone cream under your eyes?


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  • Mine get worse if I've overdone the sugar, so maybe something you've eaten in the last couple of days could be aggravating it? Not sure if you've tried something like Refresh eye drops (more viscous than typical liquid drops), which may last a little longer. Hope they're better soon anyway. xx

  • I have had bad sugar cravings in the last couple of days, haven't thought that was connected. will really try to cut down


  • Have you been tested for candida? That's usually the culprit when I get bad ones (the worst-ever involved me buying a bag of soft brown sugar and eating it like fudge!) If I have a bad attack and succumb, I'll usually get the sore, sticky, gritty eyes and blurred vision. And the after-effects can take a couple of days to "kick in".

  • I am taking caprilic acid and my scalp is much better but I have never been tested for candida. Can your Gp do that?

  • Definitely worth asking as it'll hopefully save you a few quid on private testing, but I had mine tested at Genova. I think it was the saliva test I had, but worth looking into what they offer to see what might be best for you.

  • I use eye drops called Hyco San, they can be quite hard to track down. I get them from an optician. They have no preservatives in them so nothing to cause allergies. You might be able to get them on prescription - think they are quite expensive so your GP might not want to give you them - the prescription version is called Hyabak. I believe Blephasol is a hospital standard eyedrop for eyelid problems if you. Have eyelid problems too. You can also buy an Eyebag that you pop in the microwave then put over your eyes but you could just try a hot compress. Have you been to see a good optician? Youmight be able to get advice there.

    I know when my eyes are really dry I put drops in all the time and it seems pave a build up effect then I go back to morning and night. I fact I keep my drops in by the side of the bed and sometimes put them in during the night.

    Liz x

  • sorry Liz I replied to you in the wrong place, please see below


  • I'll second HycoSan. They work well without irritation.

  • I have an Eyebag I forgot, I will start using it again. I have a very good optician I will speak to her and I am seeing my GP on Tuesday and will speak to her about your suggestions Thanks

    PS Has anybody suggested to you having the little plugs (dont know what they are called)Roslinxx

  • There's another one called 'HYLO Tear' made by Scope Ophthalmics - preservative free too and they stay good for six months. Long time in the life of an eye drop.

    Think I have tried and got an opinion on pretty much every eye drop on the market.

    Liz x

  • Punctum plugs - think they are used mainly for extremely dry eyes caused by Sjorgens.

    I've just got regular dry eyes even though they are really dry, I know that if I used my eye drops all the time like I ought to then I would be fine :-)

    Hope you get on well at the optician, at least she will be able to give you an up to date opinion on what is happening with your eyes.

    Liz x

  • I have punctual plugs and they are really helpful, as they stop drops/tears from draining away. I had Stevens Johnson syndrome and don't produce any natural tears. Lacrilube ointment at night is helpful, as are the hot compresses mentioned above. Xx

  • I also use a lot of Liquifilm artificial tears which are also preservative free.

  • Hi Usually first sign of Sjogrens disease, autoimmune. if throat gets bad too, then you need to see a specialised Rheumy. At the moment use preservative free, artificial tears, when ever you need them, frequently .

    Best wishes,


  • i have punctual plugs tears os all types but nothing does any one have anoiker idear what can be good for severe dry eyes?

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