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Does anyone have a problem with bloodshot, dry eyes? I've had problems for a couple of years but was constantly told it was because I worked at a pc screen all day. I've been away from the screen for 12 months now but it's getting worse. Am on 50mcg Levothyroxine but find my eyes are very sore, especially the inner corner. They become more bloodshot as the day goes on.

I've stopped wearing eye makeup as that seems to aggrevate the conditon.

I recently went to the docs and he suggested it was Blepharitis which is a 'cover all' for irritated eyes. I've been advised to clean my eyelashes with a bicarb mix or baby shampoo. I don't have any obvious problem with my eye lashes, not discharge or soreness. It's the eye itself that is sore and gritty.

I've been cleaning lashes now for a week and there's no difference. I'm suspecting it's the thyroid condition that is affecting the eye. Is this a known problem with hypothyroid?

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Hi Irene,

I found that when I was HypEr and HypO my yes are affected.. When HypEr it was like I had sand in them and just HAD TO rub which of course made it more itchy and dry so I couldn't wear my lenses.. When very HypO I found that again eyes were affected and even now that I am medicated ( 125mcg Levo) I find that my eyes are tired all the time and become irritated if I'm not careful.. I know that several on this site have talked about artificial tears the enzyme free ones helping with dry eyes. I think it was Helvella who recommended one on a previous question so might be worth a search. If Doctor didn't look for eye infection perhaps you could ask Chemist as they have Brolene eye drops which I've had before for a mild infection as I'm a contact lense wearer and have to be careful, they are over the counter without a script.. Also Dr suggested cooled boiled salted water in an egg cup ( don't laugh) that you bathe the eye ball in over the sink.. Might help.. Keep smiling all the Best Perks

Helvella might very well have mentioned the preservative-free single dose unit ViscoTears. Expensive, but long lasting (e.g. overnight) and, for me, effective.


Thanks guys. I have tried the infected eye drops and the artificial tears but whilst the tears provide a little relief it's not a long term solution. Am more comfortable just putting pads with skin tonic on closed eyes and resting but I obviously can't do this all day:-) I'll try to get the Visco Tears and see if they help.

Optrex now do an eye spray that is also quite expensive but gives me some relief from this problem. I have also just ordered some clinique (anti-allergy) eye make up as I do like to wear make up sometimes if only to cover up those tired looking blood shot eyes and the big dark shadows under them. (sigh)


I can get one Single Dose Unit to do both eyes.

I tried several other products but whatever it was - the preservative, some other ingredient, the fact they only ever helped for minutes - none was much help beyond initial application. And some stung even then.

For info, one pack of 30 doses costs something around ten pounds. Ouch.


Success at the Sainsbury pharmacy. I forgot the name of the single dose but then got passed to the pharmacist and she produced the ViscoTears. She wasn't sure of price and the shelf edge said £4.60 so she said charge that. Not sure if these are the same ones. Says to apply several times a day.

I was tempted by the spray as I get lots of relief if I soak cotton rounds and place them on eyes. The moisture seems to help. They said it was £15 something for the spray so I declined to get it. I'll give the ViscoTears a go and report back.

What a result. Thanks so much for the Visco Tears recommendation. I know it's not the same single dosage you suggested but the small tube has worked wonders I started using yesterday and immediately felt the relief. Went on to use another 3 times, once before bed. What a difference in the morning, amazing! Put another dose in and at 15.19 am still fine. Just popped into another pharmacy I was walking past an have bought another tube. Says it should be disposed of 30 days after opening so using 4 x a day this should see me through the month.

I may just go to my docs and ask if I can have this on prescription. Will let you know the outcome. Thanks again for your helpful advice.

Thyroid eye disease is associated more with an overactive thyroid but less commonly can also be associated with an underactive thyroid. I have thyroid eye disease and due to the bulging off my eyes suffer from severe dry eyes. I use single dose Celluvisc (artificial tears) which were recommended to me by the eye clinic that I attend although any drops of this type will work as long as they are preservative free as you can put them in as often as required. These drops come in boxes of 30 or 90 and can be got on prescription from your gp which will save you a fortune. I use between 10 and 30 of these every day so the prescriptions for me are a godsend. I have used Visco Tears in the past but found it difficult in the beginning to put the drops in without sometimes touching my eye or lid accidentaly with the tip of the bottle - if you touch your eye or lid when inserting the drops the bottle should be discarded immediately as reusing the same drops could introduce germs back in to your eye thereby causing an eye infection. If you find your eyes particularly bad in the morning as I do then using a thin strip of micropore to tape your eyelids shut when sleeping can be a great help and greatly reduces my discomfort in the morning.. I also find that if I put cold drops in then it is very uncomfortable and irritates my eyes so with the single dose drops which have enough in them to do both eyes I hold them in my hand for a couple of minutes to warm them up and then great no irritation. Hope this info helps

Hi Irene,

I am glad im not the only one, I have had the same problem, mainly my left eye, is bloodshot most of the time, I have used the optrex spray and the tears and used baby shampoo, think I have had about a week bloodshot free, my vision is also blurred but not all the time. I was diagnosed with under active thyroid about 14 months ago and am on 150mg also found out I have pernicious anemia, GP says my levels are normal now but I still feel rubbish, havnt lost any of the weight I put on and I dont over eat, feel like im going mad! Im glad you have found the drops help Irene, keep us posted

Have just updated one of my other Qs with the results of hospital tests. One visit to dermatology resulted in the doc saying she thought I had rosacea of the eyes. I'm not convinced as the eyes have been settled for a while and now have started up. Going back to drops I think.

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