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In November of 2018 I was diagnosed with Graves my levels were TSH .004 , T3 free was 5.9 , T4 free 2.73 TSI 9.20 and Troponin was 0.006 . It all started with not feeling well my heart rate was really high along with all the other symptoms so I went to Dr and saw a APRN she done bloodwork and called and said my thyroid levels were off and prescribed me 100 mcg levoxyl and after about a week on this med my condition worsened and I found myself in the ER to find out that she was treating me for hypo when I was actually hyper . I am now taking propranolol 40 mg 2xday and 20 mg methimozole daily . My breathing with exertion is still bad , I still can’t lay on my back or stomach to sleep without feeling I can’t breathe and now I am having hip and upper leg pain at night really bad . Has anyone else had breathing problems and if so how long is this gonna last until it improves ? Thanks

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You need vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12 tested

Very often these are too low and cause symptoms and also affect thyroid

Low vitamin D causes bone and joint pain

Tight chest/breathlessness can be low ferritin or low iron

Look at strictly gluten free diet for helping with Graves

See Amy Myers website

I'm afraid we need the ranges for those blood test results to make sense of them. Ranges vary from lab to lab. Although I can see that your TSH was very low, which would suggest Grave's. But, your Frees also look low, which would be hypothyroidism. But, can't really say without the ranges. :)

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