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Gluten and dairy

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Hi all

Feel a bit better today

In my last posts I have been having trouble with right flank pain

Last bloods TSH 4.35 and T4 19

I have no thyroid due to cancer

I got a clue yesterday after having a latte

And after my colonoscopy last week I had toast

Today I have cut out gluten and dairy and I am feeling better

Question is. When my TSH drops down to 1 or under will the gluten and dairy issue go back to normal?


4 Replies
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Some find they can, after a year or so. Once gut has healed

Others find they need to remain strictly gluten/dairy free.

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Saw that you mentioned ‘right hand flank’ pain...mine turned out to be blocked bile gp at first prescribed antibiotics but a week later still in pain and another gp at practice did blood test that confirmed blockage and went to hospital to have it unblocked next day!

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paul1978 in reply to Judithdalston

O my. I had a Ct and all was ok

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Judithdalston in reply to paul1978 seems to be another ailment that goes with hypothyroidism!

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