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Steroids and Hashi's

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We saw a consultant privately as no Endo appts available soon in Norwich & getting desperate. he prescribed a 3 week course of prednisolone in an attempt to reduce the inflammation and let the Hashi's get on with destroying wifey's thyroid. 20mg/day, then 10mg, then 5 mg over 3 weeks. Helen takes Paroxetene for OCD and started the steroids on Saturday after I was discharged from hospital. Unfortunately she was so focussed on T4 and steroid she forgot to take 4 days solid of paroxetine. Result massive OCD crisis 2 days ago- ended up calling surgery, no doctor in or available advised 999 by surgery receptionist who then organised paramedic's call - from chelmsford who thought & I agree major steroid reaction. She rang surgery & ultimately script for amitriptyline given which seems to have done the trick.

Just what is all this p*****g around costing? Its like spending a pound to save a penny. The NHS needs to get its head round patient well being and the lack thereof contributing the unneeded strain on the entire NHS.

Seems to me that Dr's are becoming obsessed on ranges, scans, and not clinical evidence like they were forced to do when all the tech was the future

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Oh how I agree. I think the T3 bill went from £600k to £34M. Ok big jump and they need to lean on the licencees and issue a few more or source from Europe To bring the price down. My Mum has said it that they aren't like the doctors of old who learnt the hard way - symptoms, clinical observation & if necessary a poke around.

The paroxetine is one of the few drugs that doesn't affect thyroxine but every other drug Helen has does. Calcium, Vit D, Tegretol (thinking of cutting that down) Ferrous sulphate which she takes all do too. Handed out like Candy with no thought for side effects or interaction.

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The paroxetine is for OCD & unrelated to Hashi's.

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Confused.. your wife forgets her tablets and unfortunately there are consequences... where does the p*****g around come in?

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That relates to all the contradictory things the medics are saying and doing and wastage of money by not treating clinical symptoms rather than being obsessed on hormone ranges. It's wellness that counts.

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