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From Graves to hypo


I was diagnosed with Graves around 7 or 8 years ago - on meds for 2 years my endo jumped me off and I was in remission for 4 to 5 years. About a year ago following a 10 day virus I went hyper again and put back on 5mg neomercazol bed. TSH soon went back in range - T3 and T4 had stayed in range since remission. Recently I started getting weak thigh muscles on some days when walking, fatigue and generally feeling horrible - blood test showed T3 and T4 still in range but TSH now hypo so Dr reduced meds to 5mg once a day - does Graves ever change to hypothyroidism or does this sound like I was just over medicated?

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BD not bed*

I'll ask the usual question: how were you diagnosed with Grave's? Did they actually test the Grave's antibodies? Or did they just go by a low TSH and assume it was Grave's?

Yes, I’m told it will over work itself till you finally go hypo. This also happened to me.

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