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NP thyroid

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Has anyone had any problems with NP thyroid lately? My wife was always taking 90 but then after she had a new batch her numbers for t3 double. Was her thyroid starting to work again after 7 years of being medicated? She had her hair falling out in clumps, with heart palpitations, and very nervous not able to sleep. I made her get a complete thyroid panel blood test. Sure enough t3 was double the normal range limit. Holistic doctor agreed with me that it was from the thyroid medicine. She stopped taking it for 5 weeks before she had another blood test. Strange she could never go off thyroid meds. for more than 1 week before. TPO antibodies only 19 now with 0 to 9 being normal range. She is all on the lower range of the scale now and only taking 30 mg for 3 days then off for 3 days as her scalp will burn like the t3 is going to her head. She is not losing any more hair but her scalp will burn after taking NP for only 3 days. She had the thickest hair and now is a little thin on top only. My have to get t3 compounded to see if that helps with the scalp problem she is having. It burned her scalp so bad she could not sleep at night.

Wonder if any body else has had this happen. This problem started in late September.


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This post has not received any replies on the forum in over four months. If you still need help, please do post again.

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