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Quick q- what vitamin E dose do people take with 200mcgselenium ?


Hi all

I’ve been previously taking 400 iu of Vit E )natural source ) thats 268mg and over 2000% of RDA!

As I am now pregnant I don’t want to be overdoing it although I haven’t had issues in the past. I know Vit E is far soluble and can be toxic in high amounts

I’m not sure if just normal 100% rDa is enough with thyroid and selenium dose?

Thanks in advance for any advice

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....anyone? 🙄

Natures Aid selenium is balanced with E and other essential co-factors


Ill have a look at the doses on there

Thank you that's very helpful

They have 263% of RDA

A bit better than my 2863%!

This is a good link on the subject of vitamin E :


If you've been taking high doses for a few months you probably don't need vitamin E supplements at all since it is fat soluble.


The above link might be helpful.

in reply to humanbean

Thanks! Will have a look

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