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Test results

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Hi there a bit if help please my thyroid is playing up it is currently underactive but fir past four months ive gained almost 2 stone ive been to my doctors and had blood test hes has said its on the verge of going overactive and lowered my dosage to 75mg instead of 100mg to try and rectify it. I had my blood taken again last week results are

0.076TSH & 19.5 TU

Help is this normal as i cannot keep putting weight on cant afford buying new bigger clothes

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If you are diagnosed hypothyroid and therefore your thyroid, if you have one, is underactive, you cannot become hyperactive - or even verge on it! You can however, become over-medicated, or if you have Hashimoto's, be experiencing a flare, but hyperactive? No. When providing blood test results you need to provide their reference ranges as they may differ from lab to lab; but (presuming that 19.5 TU should read FT4 19.5) you don't appear to be overmedicated. It does appear though, that you have a GP who slavishly adheres to the God of TSH irrespective of the associated level of thyroid hormones. More importantly as T4 is predominantly an inactive pro hormone, it is the active T3 level that is key to optimal treatment; and you'll probably only get that tested if you do what so many of us do, and have your bloods privately tested. I doubt reducing your Levo will have a positive outcome for you.

Having a highish FT4 and a suppressed TSH is no guarantee that you are adequately medicated. It could be that you don't convert your T4 to T3 very well. You therefore need to see your FT3. It is low T3 that causes symptoms like weight-gain, not TSH or FT4.

Completely agree with MaisieGrey, your doctor is living in fairyland, where thyroid can regenerate and start over-producing hormone. That doesn't happen in real life. :)

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