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If Carlsberg made doctors!

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So like everyone else who’s been buying T3 I was struggling to get hold of it. Thankfully I’ve been taking it with the full knowledge and support of both my Gp and Endo so when I told my Gp I was down to my last months worth he suggested I ask my endo to ask him to prescribe it. One email to the endo who obligingly wrote to my Gp and a few week later I am the proud owner of a prescription 😃

So don’t give up, go see your doctor and you never know what might happen!

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I should be so lucky... lucky, lucky, lucky...

Your endo and GP are clearly the best of the best. To have one person actually experience both at once - you are blessed! Well done you. Good luck. So envious! x

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Emyloulou in reply to MissGrace

I am incredibly lucky, I was honestly expecting a no! We even have a plan if the ccg tell him to stop prescribing it x

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I am so envious of you, I had my long awaited endo appointment the other day. I didn't get to see the consultant I was referred to, not in the clinic (probably doing private consultations) I was told yes you more than likely need T3, no we are not allowed to prescribe it on the NHS, no we can't prescribe it privately. You can see the consultant you were down to see privately and he will prescribe it for you privately or you can source it yourself and we will monitor you.

Just trying to work up the energy to complain to my local MP, oh I forgot they are are on holiday for almost 3 weeks, wouldn't expect her to respond though as emailed her about 4 months ago regarding a local issue, still waiting for a reply!

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Emyloulou in reply to knitwitty

The endo wasn’t allowed to prescribe it but thankfully my Gp either can prescribe at the minute as long as he is asked to by the consultant. They are under completely different ccgs so maybe that’s helped.

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Wow!!! At NHS rates, that bit of paper is worth over £1000!!!

You are so lucky, I'm so jealous! Yet hopeful that such behaviours should spread amongst medical professionals and maybe someday we will all get decent therapies.

Good luck in your quest to good health, please keep updating us all 😊

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Emyloulou in reply to Kitten44

Thank you, I think I worked it out at £1200 for 56 days worth 😱

I think I am incredibly lucky to have an amazing Gp who is incredibly patient oriented despite being a senior partner in the practice. If I could clone him I would x

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I suspect that Liverpool is a good place to try and get T3. I've had it prescribed in the past, and another friend got it much more easily than many people on the forum. Congratulations!

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knitwitty in reply to SilverAvocado

My appointment was at The Royal Liverpool and Merseyside have a ban on prescribing T3 on the NHS at present, sorry to disappoint anyone who was hoping they might get it.

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Emyloulou in reply to knitwitty

I’m under the royal and they do have a ban on prescribing but thankfully I live in Warrington. My gp told me if he was told to prescribe it he would so asked me to email my endo telling him this. 1 email to endo, 1 endo letter to gp and a few weeks later I have a prescription. Best Christmas present l could have asked for x

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SilverAvocado in reply to Emyloulou

Wow, hadn't realised it was such a convoluted process! Thank goodness you don't live a few miles over, what a ridiculous state of affairs.

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