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urgent referral made over 2 months ago

drs made urgent referral to see endo back in June along with mental health

anyway last week seen the guy from mental health who advised to go through PALS about getting seen by endo

anyway call endo today to be told they have my referral and that its in the booking system still (i was told this 4 weeks ago too) and i explained this was urgent only to be told i can been seen as early as november

im not doing well on T3 at all and i certainly cant take the dose endo wants me on due to low T4 (yes she a good one)

looks like PALS it is, im going to ask to see someone else, im going to mention that endo increased my T3 due to low T4

i could punch a wall right now

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quick way to circumnavigate that I found has been to call direct to the hospital switchboard and request to be put through to the CHIEF EXECUTIVES OFFICE [ better if you have their name ] and explain your problem ....... ITS WORKED FOR ME IN MANY , MANY situations and company's ---- and you have to assume each hospital as a separate company ...... may be worth a try ...... alan xx


will do that tomorrow

im gonna fight this one to the end

this endo is useless and i honestly feel she will eventually land up killing someone if somethings not done soon

2nd plan of action PALS

3rd plan of actin local papers

4th plan of action legal advice

ive been thinking all day she is treating me with T3, never tested my T3 on bloods but tested T4 and because that was low she increased my dose from 40mcg to 60mcg a day......im not doing well on 40mcg split in 3 doses i think 60mcg would have me in an ambulance with sirens


so therefor my first question directly to the endo would be --- ''' how or why have you been treating with T3 if YOU havn't tested for it ????? or do you treat all patients without the actual facts to hand ???? .... but always be armed with the info from this site [ published and accepted ] about what YOU actually want --- or even the names of the professionals that published them --[ -- I guarantee if you state a couple of names she/he will run for the hills with a plume of smoke coming from where the haemaroids should be at a rate of knots ]..... I keep telling you that you will get there girl AND YOU WILL just think of this as a little blip on the way .......alan xx

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im not giving up on this, im even thinking of looking into medical negligence i dont want money i just want the useless excuse of a thyroid specialist struck off

i could make things very difficult if i wanted she has such a rare name i found her very easy on facebook.....ive bbeen tempted to send her a few messages lol but ive not .....this will all be done legally


Hi Mandy72

I have only just been given a referal to see an Endo and i have to wait until November too! I need an increase in T3 which my doctor wont give me because she said its too expensive and im not authorising that! Great! So....i am self medicating the extra T3 to make up what i consider to be the shortfall! But i realise this is not a helpful recipe for you! I think as Alan has suggested...ask for the Chief Exec.


so , if I were to be in front of that g.p. , I would state as follows ''' so you are stating that as my PRIMARY health doctor that has a duty and an obligation to assure my good health to the best of YOUR ability -- and YOU are aware that I NEED these particular medications -- AND YOU ARE REFUSING THEM therefore putting my health at risk .... please realise that any detriment to my personal health regime IS YOUR PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY and I am fully prepared to take this extremely further ........ NOW GIVE ME YOUR ANSWER !!!!!!........''''


You are right Alan, you need to come with me on my next appointment. I am quite assertive but my doctor wouldnt accept without scientific assurance that T3 is warranted due to clinical trials (or lack of them) etc, the standard spiel they come out with for reasons not to prescribe, so..it seems to me they have unwittingly allowed me to have 30mcg T3 but all of a sudden 40mcg has upset the apple cart and now its all to expensive! Bizarre!


typical bean pushers ...... but never ever forget that THEY have many LEGAL and moral obligations that they HAVE to carry out ---- without cost coming into the issue ---- don't forget that you have already been prescribed the same med [ albeit a lower dose ] so cost cannot be an issue !!!!!.......... never ever forget that they never ''unwittingly '' give you ANY DRUGS /MEDS / TREATMENT ...... they will always be awae of what they prescribe ----- THATS RESPONIBILITY === THEIRS === ....keep going you will get there !!!!

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and always remember that once a complaint goes direct to the ch.exe's office they have a LEGAL obligation to follow up as to how it is resolved ---- that's where the buck stops !!!! ---- with them personally ..... it really works in 99.9% of cases ...... go go girl .....alan xx


Try urgent referals for neurology for 16 yr old suffering hellish headaches after head injury 8 months on NHS!


thats bloody disgusting


Local neurologists refused to see her had to travel 60miles to see one who finally diagnosed problem after 8 months but now have to wait another 6 months for any treatment


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