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Hi everyone

I have been very unwell since the begining of nov,after asking my doctor to admit me in to hospital because I had server abdominal pain,,server diarrhea and I was vomiting a black substance back.he refused..I was eventually rushed in to hospital several hours later by a locum..I was diagnosed with colitis,,,h pylori..was in for seven days..thats one strike for my ussless gp..I have requested all bloods ect that was last week still no reply back from my surgery who said they would ring me..strike two..I have now just found out threw my gastro consultant who I saw on the 29th dec that my urine showed a urinary tract infection..I had been trying since the 20th of dec to obtain the results of the urine test threw my docs but everytime I rang they never had any results..this was a normal urine test should not have taken any longer than 7/10 days..I contacted my gp about this he said its not that bad so im not goin to treat you!! Then I get a call from my surgery to say they have recived a letter from my endo with all my blood results and attatched was a note saying that I had a urinary tract infection and could you treat this if you have not already done so what the hell is going on with the taking this futher as I was really ill over christmas running to the loo to pass smelly water but thort it was my colitis and im sure if I had rang my sugery I would have been told it was my one contacted me to tell me I had this inflection..NICE,,,


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  • Welcome to the wonderful world of medicine my friend. The majority of doctors don't know @#$% about medicine, only pharmacology, and they have no empathy or caring skills either.

    I was in the ER a few months ago and the doctor actually told me this; "Today's doctor really only knows 10% or less about actual medicine/health, the other 90% is pure guesswork" I was baffled, not by what he said, but that he actually admitted it.

    Crazy stuff.


  • The lack of medical knowledge is astounding. Most people on the site have been subjected to medical negligence one way or another and to varying degrees.

    It breaks my heart that so many are suffering and continue to suffer needlessly because Of medical incompetence.

    Today I am angry...... Just plain angry. For you. For all of us.

    It's like some sodding conspiracy.

  • Hi joesmum

    I totaly agree..some people get wonderful treatment from GPs and the nhs...but unfortunately thats not been my experience..and has been since 2007 when my thiyroid went GP didn't have a clue what to do..never recived any treatment..and I have gone overactive twice since 2007..sill with no excuse was after six wks my blood returned to normal levels..three times!!!! But I was stil being horrid here..but why do they get paid so much..!!!!

  • Complain to your ccg as a matter of urgency

  • Hi gale

    Thanks for the reply can u tell me what ccg is as I have no idea sorry..but I am very angry about my treatment especially as I am still recovering from my colitis/ H pylori..I also feel my G P thinks I dont care about my health when really its him who doesn't care!!!

    Thanks again gale :-D

  • Hi

    Ccg is your local clinical commissioning group, what part of the country do you live in and I will tell you which one to contact . Regards gale

  • Hi gale

    Thanks for the reply I live in Whitehaven in Cumbria...still really mad about the treatment iv received from my GP


  • Hi Birkie

    I know it is so frustrating the only thing you can do is complain, but it's so sad when gps don't listen or treat the person as well as the disease , good luck with your complaint

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