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My new doctor has decided to take me off Armour thyroid to see if my t3 will drop 😳 so I will have to hold down an extreamly busy job feeling like crap to satisfy the endocrinologist curiosity .. absolutly fuming .. but what can I do!!! Obviously not being listened to.. sorry for the rant but looking for alternatives to being a guinea pig for the NHS.

Any suggestions would me more than welcome. I’m thinking of trying Nutri thyroid support, has anyone tried this.


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Did you see this post and thread? Perhaps send the research to your Endo and suggest she tries functioning without her own T3 to see what happens, and decline her offer to put yourself in such a predicament.

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I totally agree. Patients are not obliged to take the advice of their doctors. You can refuse.

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I agree. Don't accept this level of (non) care. Your doctor is not the one trying to do her job feeling like $%@#. He/She has no right to ask this of you.

I'm in the US. Is there a board that you can take your complaint to? If so I would send a strongly worded complaint with a copy sent to the doctor for his/her records.

Just a suggestion that might not be feasible but I hope it is.

Good luck. irina ps sorry m7 meant to send to mandica, computer skills not always on target. irina

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Mandica Suggest you change your doctor if possible. Or try writing to the practice manager.

Just so disgraceful!

You can refuse to agree to this! Tell this doctor that they are behaving unethically.

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They are so hopeless - those we expect to know more than we do.

The fact that your T3 is higher is because you are taking it when you take Armour - which consists of T4, T3, T2, T1 and calcitonin.

Considering that the blood tests were introduced for Levothyroxine alone, therefore, if we add in or take T3 alone or NDT, the numbers cannot correlate.

It is all about how we 'feel' on particular doses instead of them trying to read into a blood test which is for levo only i.e. T4.

I have been taking Thrive Thyroid Support & Energy Metabolism by EU NATURAL PRODUCTS. For the last six months, it has improved my overall health. I managed to find it at walmart and amazon. The only reason why I even came across this product, was by a friend referral. The reviews are great and I do take other supplements by the same company. My friend swears by this product, and she has been taking them for over 2 years. I love that they focus on offering a vegetarian products to the community. I would say give this a try, my numbers are slowing decreasing, and I am not doing anything different other than what the recommended dose is. Sorry to hear about your doc, it is soooo frustrating when they aren't open to what we believe as the patient is correct. The anxiety I get every time I go in for testing is just overwhelming. Stay strong, lots of hugs your way.

Though Nutri is quite popular and well known, I personally would have suggested you think about more natural vitamins and supplements

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