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Hello to all !!!! Does anyone know about thyroid so that grow down into chest? I will have to do operation soon and was wondering what will they do. The strange thing is, my neck shows no sign of swelling but dr told me that my thyroid is very large, I do have problems breathing at night, and is over a year that I take Foster for Asthma, (never had before) i have a scan Thursday. To see where my thyroid has gone, hope not to far down 😟

11 Replies
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Welcome to the forum, Oldmou.

I'm sorry you have the worry of this and hope the scan shows the goitre hasn't gone to far down.

I notice you posted on an old thread where the member had a thyroid mass deep in his chest and was considering surgery to split his sternum in order to remove. The link below says this is a rare necessity and a normal thyroid incision may be sufficient in most cases.

oldmou in reply to Clutter

Thank you for the help, will find out soon ,got my scan in two days,

Sounds like you may have a Goiter old Oldmou I had one and had to have half my thyroid removed it was growing into my chest.

oldmou in reply to kathmax

Hello, yes your right I do have a goiter, I had scan and it showed that it has grown down under shoulder blade , my thyroid works ok but is very large, I will have it removed in two months time (all of it) I do take vitamine D and had low iron as well, what sort of operation did you have? My dr said that do normal cut on the neck , hope don't keep me in hospital long, bye Kathmax thanks for reply. πŸ‘‹πŸ»

kathmax in reply to oldmou

I had half my thyroid removed as my goiter was very large also causing me breathing problems.I was really worried about having the operation but it wasn't that bad at all and I was in hospital 2days and soon recovered from it.The only problem I have now is I get so tired some days and need to sleep more often .I take vit d and magnesium also iron. I hope all goes well for you.Please let me know .

kathmax in reply to kathmax

Mine was a multinodular and retrosternal goiter

oldmou in reply to kathmax

II have the same ,a multinodular retrosternal , I have been treated for Ashma for over a year, gets worse at night, dr's say that it has nothing to do with my thyroid, I don't agree with them, I never had breathing problems before, I will soon find out after operation, I go to Rome for op (I live in Italy) I will let you know how how things go. Bye.

I'm sure when you have had the operation your breathing will be so much better .I know mine was Wishing you all the best.πŸ˜ƒ

oldmou in reply to kathmax

I hope so , thanks for the advice πŸ‘

Your very welcome πŸ˜€

cpickens in reply to kathmax

Any complications after? Do you feel better? Any new health concerns?

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