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Finally free of Graves Disease

Finally free of Graves' disease. After over twenty years of trying different ways of dealing with graves, other than the conventional ones of surgery or radioactive iodine, I have now been free of the symptoms for 9 months simply by cutting out all grains from my diet. The nutritionist I consulted, Mrs Hamilton said she had had much success with several patients with Graves and other auto immune conditions, and lo and behold! It has worked, (so far).

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Wow, that's amazing. Really pleased for you.


Congratulations! That's amazing! Can i ask were you on carbimazole or any other medications and have you been able to come off them now? I had graves disease for a year which left me with fibromyalgia and then my husband developed graves disease which he's had for two years. He's currently on a block and replace therapy so using carbimazole and thyroxine. We have tried low sugar, healthy diets but nothing seems to be working so would like to try cutting out grains as you have. Did you continue taking the medication while cutting out grains from your diet or did you just go cold turkey?

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I was on carbimazole at first, which worked, but then when I relapsed the following year it was no longer effective and for around 16 years tried a variety of things in combination, western herbal medicine from Simon Mills in Exeter, acupuncture and homeopathy, all of which helped keep the symptoms down for periods of one or two years, but this is the first time I have been completely symptom free for nine months. Don't know of course whether this is a temporary remission, but so far so good.


so happy for you to get there, but, have you learnt from this site- and the people here - and more importantly can you continue to ''point others'' to how you achieved this superb result .....because there are and will be many others to come that may have to take the same path that you have for the next 20ish years to get there , that may get there a damn site earlier with your help and advice on your situation ......alan x


That's great for you and long may it continue. It just goes to show what a change indiet can do.


I've been in remission from Graves for almost three years now. I'm just curious to know how does your lady know you are free from Graves and not just in remission?

Like you I've been completely grain free since September last year. To cut a long story short I ended up T2 diabetic in December last year because of treatment I was having for inflammatory arthritis - yet another autoimmune condition for me. Last time I tested my antibodies to see if being GF had made any difference my antibodies had dropped dramatically. So I've been totally GF since September last year - almost the same length of time as you.

I bought my own blood glucose meter (they don't give you one if you 'onLy' have T2!) and I discovered that amongst other things all grains - even the good' grains increased my blood glucose so I've cut them out of my diet - I have to say I do miss a slice of good wholemeal bread and scones but I like having a low HbA1c more.

As I had already gone GF to try and reduce my antibodies I cut out the GF oats / oat bran I was eating instead of regular grains in an attempt to bring my blood sugar down. That worked very well and I'm no longer T2 - I imagine I could go back though if I didn't stick to my new eating regime - basically low carb, high fat. I get my carbs from the vegetables that don't spike my bloods and while I don't go mad on fats I'm not afraid to eat proper fat when I want to.

So well done on being free from Graves, it is absolutely horrible and good luck with being grain free, it is very satisfying when you take responsibility for your own health and see results.


I'm just going by blood tests, I know not very reliable, and how I'm feeling. Having been familiar with the symptoms for twenty years, I'm very aware of finally being " normal" again. Could just be remission I suppose, but how long does remission have to last before its permanent?


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