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How long does carbi take to work


Been on 15mg of carbi and 30mg of propranal daily for nearly 3 weeks GP reckons based on symptoms coughing flem achy fever spells sore eyes loose bowels plus TSH 0'005 and T4 21 range 7 to 14 T3 normal as is all other results .thyroid specialist reckons it's Graves waiting for further test results inc antibodies .have asthma and just started on anti depressants .am 59 with two lively boys and demanding New job but can retire next summer .today for the first time I vomited straight after lentil soup if vomiting common and is it right that carbi takes about 6 weeks be for I will start to feel better

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It is important to realise that carbimazole itself works pretty fast - within hours it can be suppressing your production of thyroid hormone.

The issue is then that you have an excess of thyroid hormone already made and stored in your thyroid and bound to proteins in your blood. That excess has to be used up and that takes, possibly, several weeks.

Further, carbimazole has quite a short half-life. If you take the full dose once a day it can pretty much run out before your next dose - allowing your thyroid to make at least some more thyroid hormone.

Others will, I am sure, also respond.

I think it all depends what is causing your FT4 to be so high. And, if your FT3 is not high, then I doubt it's Grave's. Sounds more like Hashi's. And, if it's Hashi's, it's not your thyroid over-producing thyroid hormone, it's a sudden rush of hormone into your blood from the dying cells. It may not be a popular opinion, but I think it's irresponsible of doctors to start the carbi without knowing that. Do you know which antibody tests your doctor has ordered? TRAB? TSI? Or TPOab?

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Did not ask which anti body test he has asked for but will find out tomorrow he did say my T4 is not that high and my symptoms are disproportionate to my test results .sometime told me when you have thyroid problem you are more likely to get other stuff and think I got a tummy bug from son very bad diorioh had to go off sick

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You are more vulnerable to that sort of thing when you are hypo, yes. :)

That's quite a low dose of Carbimazole as a starting dose. I was on 30mg but we are all different. The only thing you can do at the moment is wait for your blood test results and go from there. Sorry that's not a lot of help but at least you know others are here for support. Hope you start to feel better soon.

Just another thought I am asthmatic as well so I couldn't take propranolol, according to my GP, as it narrows the airways.

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Thanks purple on low dose of prop because of my asthma