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Some blood results back, opinions


Ok so some of my bloods have come back. FBC and CRP etc. My thyroid results have not been released yet or my Ferritin which has worried me :/

Anyway my FBC seems fine but my CRP has came back as borderline, certainly quite a few of my results are higher than the average scale. Bearing in mind I have a thyroid swelling, would this likely be the cause of this?

I'm hoping my thyroid results are released tomorrow as they were taken at the same time but a bit concerned why they haven't been uploaded yet

Also how do I add another picture? Wanted to put up my FBC results too

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Raised CRP indicates some inflammation somewhere.

I've seen these over 200. So not dramatically raised.

You haven't given FBC results. If white cells raised that's an indicator of infection.

Check tomorrow, maybe others will he in?

Where we live the Vitamin D result always takes longer than others.

How do I add another picture? It doesn't appear to give me the option to do so

Not sure sorry - I don't know how to add any !!

I copied and pasted so it's fine lol

Never mind just copied and pasted

Full blood count

Haemoglobin concentration 139 g/L [120.0 - 160.0]

Red blood cell count 4.92 *10^12/L [2.81 - 6.49]

Haematocrit 0.420 L/L [0.36 - 0.46]

Mean cell volume 85 fL [80.0 - 100.0]

Mean cell haemoglobin level 28.4 pg [27.0 - 32.2]

Mean cell haemoglobin concentration 334 g/L [300.0 - 350.0]

Red blood cell distribution width 14.0 % [8.0 - 14.0]

Platelet count - observation 188 *10^9/L [150.0 - 400.0]

Mean platelet volume 10 fL

Total white blood count 5.8 *10^9/L [4.0 - 11.0]

Neutrophil count 3.7 *10^9/L [2.2 - 8.0]

Lymphocyte count 1.4 *10^9/L [0.5 - 4.0]

Monocyte count - observation 0.5 *10^9/L [0.1 - 1.1]

Eosinophil count - observation 0.2 *10^9/L [0.0 - 0.4]

Basophil count 0.0 *10^9/L [0.0 - 0.5]

Nucleated red blood cell count 0.0 *10^9/L [0.0 - 0.0]

I noticed my RBC width is borderline. It wouldn't surprise me if it comes back I am iron deficient. I was very much so when I had a DVT and also through pregnancy.

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