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Advice please


Thank you all for you replies on my previous post, I went back to my doctor yesterday and she as upped my levothyroxine and as for the lump feeling in my throat she as referd me to a cancer e n t as an emergency because I've had it longer then 2 month, this is worrying me as to why a cancer ent and not a normal one could anyone throw some light on this please advice is greatly appreciated thank you

Last thyroid antibodies test was on 24th August Serum thyroid peroxidase antibody concentration < 15 kU/L

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They just do that as there is a big push on at the moment to diagnose early oesophageal cancer. But more likely in your case to be a goitre. Just don't worry about it.

GPs will sometimes refer patients under the 2 week cancer rule, in order simply to get them an early appointment when there's otherwise a long wait; rather than that they necessarily fear cancer; so don't worry.

The ENT oncology dept. probably has the right equipment such as ultrasound and fine needle aspiration to rule out cancer and assess the nodule. It's good that your doctor has referred you speedily as you'll have less time to worry. Thyroid conditions and even cancer are very treatable so try not to worry until you have the facts.

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