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Advice please

I had my bloods taken a week ago and have found out today that there is a problem with my thyroid. The receptionist said to book a doctors appointment, the first being 16th June. When I saw the GP last week she had said when the results came back to speak to a go on the phone who would start treatment.

Should I push for a GP to phone me back so I can start treatment or wait until the 16th June?

Thank you

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Depends on how you feel. If you feel OK it can wait with no problem. If you are feeling pretty terrible then chase them up.


Get your test results with the ranges and post them for advice.

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Ask for a call. My gp calls me. I don't have to go into see him. Tell your gp you requested a call as you were worried about the results, they don't mind reassuring patients. 2 weeks us quite a wait.


push for treatment now.


Knowing how long it is to get an appointment at my surgery you might not gain much but used the time wisely. Getting your results is good thing to always do. Post thrm and the ranges for folks to comment. The ranges are importers T as they differ from lab to lab.

Have a look at the Thyroid UK site. Lists of useful information to digest to give you some idea what the doctor is telling you. Anything you don't understand shout out! We have all been in your position so mnothing is too trivial. Doctors can be a bit hit and miss do I hope you have a good one but don't worry if he doesn't sound confident, you are asking on the best site I know for giving help. There is a huge following so bound to get answered to your queries. There is also a list of potentially 300 problems that thyroid can give. Don't worry you won't get them all but there are some that you make not have realised are down to your thyroid so print in out and tick the ones you are experiencing and show it to you doctor. Always useful to keep a copy yourself and then do others as go go down your thyroid journey to hopefully better health.

At your next appointment your doctor with give you some thyroxine tablets. 50 mcg or 25 depending on your age and medical notes. Take it with a full glass of water on an empty stomach and leave an hour before you eat or drink anything else. Leave two hours after any other medication and four fours for vitamin D iron and estrogen. Some things react with your medication and can stop sbdorption do you need to give it every chance. He should tell you to home back for another test in 6 weeks. That's the time to get that to its maximum dose. Because of that it may be about a week before you notice a difference and if he starts you on the 25 you may think you feel a little worse but this first dose gets you body ready for probably its first increase depending what your results say. Any increments should then be in increments of 25 and the process is repeated till you are on the dose that suits you.

Hope all goes well and do glad you have found this site so a belated welcome!


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